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Title: Does Russian News ever talk about Climate Change?
Post by: Chondrally on 04/05/2017 05:22:45
Does Russian News ever talk about Climate Change? And that Siberia is melting and methane is being emitted?

Methane is 12 to 20 times more potent per molecule as a green house gas than CO2. The record temperatures can probably be attributed to methane emissions from Siberia and the Arctic. Does anybody know if the Russian news even reports climate change, and do any of the Russians actually care about it? Do their people realize? its an open question! DOes Putin , as the worlds richest man, actually believe in what CO2 is doing to pH in the Oceans? Can he really understand a Titration? i hope they do get the message! The Paris Climate Accord has happened, but Trump is very obstructionist and downright destructive of what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were trying to do! I understand that the war on the loonie is continuing, with Dairy, Housing and Lumber and Energy all under attack, Canada as a nation needs to focus on Diplomacy and defusing critical hot points between our nation and others. This will take high level talks between political scientists, economists, phychologists and business leaders. We do need to realize we only have about 37 million people, about 10 times less than the US. and much less than China's 1.4 billion people or India's 1.4 billion people. or Russia's and Europe's population. There is only so much that Canada as a nation can do given destructive tendencies in the world and we need to defend our people against these forces. We do have to remain optimistic, and seek opportunities. There are good people in the Oil industry too and it is an engine of prosperity. So Trump is not entirely without a basis. However, the risks from temperature and pH changes and storms will cost the whole planet. We do still need to keep the temperature below a global increase of 2 ro 3 degrees, hopefully 2 degrees, but Trump is making it harder for future generations, and it is NOT a Chinese hoax as he claimed. To dismiss the whole thing out of hand is ignorant, as Trump and Putin seem to be doing. The threat of War is very real, and it is something we need to seek to avoid. War doesn't help anybody, and just creates a lot of enemies and is very expensive. I hope we can convince them to get on the right side of History and help the path of progress! Another risk is that from the internet and microwaves and radio. Their are some very sharp surges that occur against peoples bodies and we do need to get smart about it to protect ourselves from this electromagnetic and mathematical and physics risk. In Iraq, many soldiers suffered from post traumatic stress disorder because of extreme exposure to some of these hostile forces!

I really hope Putin and Trump understand and appreciate what a Buffer Solution-Titration is?  Adding increasing concentrations of CO2 over seawater until the magnesium carbonate buffer saturates around 493 ppm CO2 and the pH suddenly changes by 1 pH unit more acidic.  and when the CO2 concentration reaches 878 ppm CO2,  complete catastrophe of pH when the calcium carbonate buffer saturates!  But Trump might be irrelevant, it doesn't seem that he can remember what the person 5 minutes ago said to him!

Could we build a power plant that emits no CO2 based on SynGas and save the planet from Ocean Acidity Climate Shock?

Buffer solutions are necessary to keep the correct pH for enzymes in many organisms to work. Many enzymes work only under very precise conditions; if the pH moves outside of a narrow range, the enzymes slow or stop working and can denature. In many cases denaturation can permanently disable their catalytic activity.[3] A buffer of carbonic acid (H
2 CO
3) and bicarbonate (HCO−
3) is present in blood plasma, maintaining a pH between 7.35 and 7.45.

Industrially, buffer solutions are used in fermentation processes and in setting the correct conditions for dyes used in colouring fabrics. They are also used in chemical analysis[2] and calibration of pH meters.

The majority of biological samples that are used in research are made in buffers, especially phosphate buffered saline (PBS) at pH 7.4.


When the pH changes by as much as 1 pH unit,  it might be outside the range necessary for the enzymes in phytoplankton to work properly and other living organisms as well.

This could result in a die off of phytoplankton and algae due to pH and temperature changes in the Ocean environment.  When this happens it could mean the loss of phytoplankton which is the base of the food chain in the Ocean and also the loss of the supply of half the worlds Oxygen!


The Science is NOT absolute especially on such a large scale outside the laboratory in a LIVING Ocean!  This might be our only hope,  but we should take the warning seriously!
Title: Re: Does Russian News ever talk about Climate Change?
Post by: ashley102 on 05/05/2017 10:07:48
Arctic methane release is a form of release of methane from soil and seas in soil regions of the Arctic, due to deglaciation. It is exacerbated by global warming. This results in a positive feedback effect, as methane is itself a powerful greenhouse gas.
Enormous gas bubbles trapped under the ground are causing areas of grass in Siberia to tremble and shake like trampolines.

Scientists on the Island located near northern peninsula in Siberia is videoed prodding patches of earth which appear to bounce and wobble like an airbed.