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Title: Curly hair
Post by: BlooGoo on 03/03/2004 23:52:23
Is it true that if have straight hair and you keep shaving your head (ie for a full year) once you let your hair grow out it will be curly?
Title: Re: Curly hair
Post by: roberth on 04/03/2004 03:28:43
No. I've been shaving my head for 15 years and it still grows straight.
Mum always said that if you eat your crusts your hair will go curly.
Title: Re: Curly hair
Post by: baby2michaelt on 04/03/2004 14:19:03
no. however if yo have curly hair unless you keep cutting your hair off, the longer it gets the straighter it gets i guess it's from the weight. but for some reason the last time i got my hair cut it is almost all the way down my back and it is still as curly as ever it,s hard to tell. I know that usually when my hair gets tis l ong it is straighter than a board and you can not brush it while it is dry. can anyone explan that?

Title: Re: Curly hair
Post by: tweener on 04/03/2004 18:38:34
My sister has cancer and lost her straight blonde hair to chemo.  When they changed her meds, it grew back curly and a different color (light grey-brown).  VERY curly.  It's a tough way to change from straight to curly hair.

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Title: Re: Curly hair
Post by: Quantumcat on 07/03/2004 21:26:06
How weird !!! That her hair changed from straight to curly ... I don't know much about hair but I do know that the reason people have curly hair is because the hair follicule or hole or whatever is a wonky shape, so the hair is a wonky shape instead of being cylindrical ( do you know what I mean?) and it falls over on itself because it's weak in certain points.

does anyone know why it is that after I wash my hair and it's semi dry it goes into loopy curls, but the rest of the time it's pretty much straight except for a bit of a wave at the bottom (which I think happens for a lot of people) also if I don't wash it every day, the evening of the day after I last washed it it goes a bit into curls and the day after if I still haven't washed it it goes into curls completely. Also when I was little my hair was curly but now it isn't. Does anyone know why my hair goes into curls sometimes but not others and why it went straight when I wasn't little anymore? Does that happen to a lot of people?

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Title: Re: Curly hair
Post by: OldMan on 09/03/2004 02:14:05
Never used to but my hair goes a little curly when it starts to grow longer.

I know both my mum and a friend's hair went quite curly after they had chemo.