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Title: LCS concept instead of SR
Post by: xersanozgen on 07/06/2017 12:19:53
LCS concept instead of SR

How was the LCS concept generated?

We had wanted to analyze the motion of two photons - that they were emitted at the same moment but opposite directions- according to their source and by SR mentality (Please examine the figure at attachment):


Lorentz transformations (Coordinates of a photon according to new position of its source):

x = (c v) t / (1 v/c)

t = (1 v/c) / (1 v/c)

Confirmation :     x/ t = c 

If we consider reverse option : The photon travels toward + x while the source goes to - x  (use the parameter v by negative mark); or the photon at the direction - x, source at + x (use the parameter c by negative mark).

x = (- c  -  v) t / (1 v/c)

t = (1 + v/c) / (1 v/c)

Confirmation:         x/ t =  - c

 Well. We find the coordinates of the photons (that travel toward +x and x directions) while their source (that has uniform motion) goes toward +x.  And we provided confirmations of these calculations:

x / t = x / t = Ι x / t I =  c   

Already the aim of theory SR and Lorentz was this result: The relative velocities of light are same and fixed value according to any moving body that has uniform motion.

Yes, these results are mathematical successful performance of Lorentz and SR.

However this calculation indicates that;          t >  t   

The sources or moving bodys clock/chronometer has to show two number of time  simultaneously for providing the fixed value of lights velocity.

But this result is impossible.  

Earlier example was on the Earth; the source was in a train/rocket and its speed (v) is relative value according to rails/world. The times t, t, t represent a single/same moment in accordance with entity of photon. In this experiment trains clock had to show two or three different numbers of time, simultaneously.

If we prefer an outer and sequential reference frame (solar system or the Sun). The orbital motion of the Earth can be supposed a uniform motion for small distances. And resultant speed of train will be the value V(earth) +/- v. On this experiment, trains clock is obliged to show 5 or 6 different numbers of time, simultaneously.


We can go on by other sequential reference frames. All relative values of lights velocity are fixed value  c (according to each one of all sequential reference frames). But, the sources relative speed will get different values.

At last, we will arrive / consider the most external reference frame (space) *.

Why did NOT we consider this major reference frame at the beginning? Is it anthropocentric attitude or captivity of locality?

*  Here is alternative/new theory for light kinematics: the concept of LCS (Light coordinate system)
Title: Re: LCS concept instead of SR
Post by: xersanozgen on 08/06/2017 13:49:59
Briefly, if we consider most external reference frame (that is just the space or LCS), we can analyze space time (Asknown, the theory SR does not allow to analyze space-time because of async data).

The relative velocity of light is already the value c again according to space.

Of course, the values of other actors' speeds must be adapted according to space.

And It must be considered that the top limit of increasing/decreasing speed for the distance between two moving bodies/actors is 2c.

The positions of actors are marked on the space; an actor cannot be used like a marking point. Naturally, the space has not markability; however we  have a possibility to use a sheet of paper instead of space/LCS for analyzing.

So, we don't need like a theory SR; we can analyze space-time due to LCS concept. I realized *an analyzing example to calculate  the age of universe (Result: 19.3 Gyrs). In this study, it is indicated that observational data are coincided with   calculated data.

* (