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Title: let me rap that up for you
Post by: dedaNoe on 08/04/2007 03:25:33
Iíll attempt to write a song
That divides right from wrong
Iíll let you call it how you please
So youíd remember it with ease.
The song with its killing rhymes
Brings you back into the times
When fame was easy to achieve
By selling crab to folks naive
Why do things press the ground?
What makes apples falling down?
When will moving object stop?
And all sorts of classic stuff
Galileo and Newton were the first
To take care for that thirst
Fresh answers were considered art
Cause physics then was at the start
Objects move forever of course
Unless subjected to some force
A force that offers its assistance
To hold the objects with resistance
The force-mass ratio of the weight
Gives us its displacement rate
Starting from that crucial date
It yields how weights accelerate
Physics acts without question
Like mirror doing the reflection
For every force of the action
Couples with its own reaction
What goes up must come down
Said the silly British clown
That's the force of gravity
Busy shaping the reality
Galileo and Newton never knew
No they haven't got a clue
That physics begins with the lever
Invented by Archimedes-the-clever
Force and mass make analogy
What a cuddling  anal orgy?
That excludes the use of mass
When you get the lever in your ass
If there was no Newton three
With the lever Newton would agree
Force and distance go in pack
Cause on distance forces act
About gravity Newton was so sure
But it shows to be a mirage pure
Probably he chokes every ever
As I yell about the lever
After Newton we got Einstein
He was the brightest rusty brain-stain
Assuming constant speed of light
Placed him on the highest height
Space ripples the time's nipples
While velocity doubles and triples
Einstein must have had a fever
He taught lever was a liver