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Title: Has anyone tried hypnosis for chronic pain relief?
Post by: annie123 on 18/08/2018 01:51:07
Tried just about everything for chronic pain - except this.  (Why does my plan cover homeopathy and not this??) It's very pricy so would like to know ahead of time if people, other than those who put testimonials on hypnotist's sites, had had good experiences. Most of them seem mainly to deal with things like losing weight, personality changes and smoking cessation.
Title: Re: Has anyone tried hypnosis for chronic pain relief?
Post by: Colin2B on 18/08/2018 07:01:18
No, because there are risks that poorly implemeted hypnotic suggestions can have undesired effects. Also, chronic pain needs to be accurately diagnosed before deciding on a treatment.
There are some studies that show hypnosis will work for short term pain relief but I havent seen any sound studies that show it works long term.
Perhaps @chris has come across something.
Title: Re: Has anyone tried hypnosis for chronic pain relief?
Post by: wolfekeeper on 18/08/2018 14:45:02
Insensitivity to pain is one of the hallmarks of a hypnotic state (whatever that is). So you'd think that hypnosis should work well for chronic pain management, and a few seconds with google indeed gave me this:

Hypnotherapy for the Management of Chronic Pain
Gary Elkins,1 Mark P. Jensen, and David R. Patterson

"This article reviews controlled prospective trials of hypnosis for the treatment of chronic pain. Thirteen studies, excluding studies of headaches, were identified that compared outcomes from hypnosis for the treatment of chronic pain to either baseline data or a control condition. The findings indicate that hypnosis interventions consistently produce significant decreases in pain associated with a variety of chronic-pain problems. Also, hypnosis was generally found to be more effective than nonhypnotic interventions such as attention, physical therapy, and education. Most of the hypnosis interventions for chronic pain include instructions in self-hypnosis. However, there is a lack of standardization of the hypnotic interventions examined in clinical trials, and the number of patients enrolled in the studies has tended to be low and lacking long-term follow-up. Implications of the findings for future clinical research and applications are discussed."
Title: Re: Has anyone tried hypnosis for chronic pain relief?
Post by: annie123 on 19/08/2018 00:59:03
Two rather differing replies- I guess I will just have to try it - I wonder if one session would be enough to tell me if it will help. Some outfits offer a free session before committing to a series of treatments.
Title: Re: Has anyone tried hypnosis for chronic pain relief?
Post by: Nika2003 on 20/08/2018 20:06:11
Hey. I also had a hope for a cure for infertility by hypnosis. I will tell you that I failed. Hypnosis can not all. There are many myths, misconceptions and misinformation about this - perhaps even more than about any other treatment for chronic pain. People have preconceptions based on stage performers, television, movies and rumors - and these cultural references tend to adorn what he can do.
Hypnosis can not cure everything. This is not dangerous. Participants will not be asked to do anything against their will.
Finally, medical hypnosis is usually not taught as part of the curriculum of most health care providers. Lack of knowledge about the subject area leads to "superstitions", even within the medical community.
For myself, I found that hypnosis is effective for relieving pain.
Has a greater impact on the impact of pain, rather than on the feeling of pain
It can be more effective, or at least equivalent to other methods of treatment of acute and chronic pain
May be able to provide anesthesia, reduce stress, remove anxiety, improve sleep, improve mood and reduce the need for opioids
Can improve the effectiveness of other well-established methods of treating pain
Some people are better suited to respond to hypnosis than others.
Hypnosis is successfully used for people with various pain conditions in arthritis. Other medical conditions commonly referred to as those improved with hypnosis include: Headaches
Personally, I was not helped by hypnosis in my problem. I decided on the problem of infertility in Ukraine at the Clinic for Reproductive Health.
My advice is - do not believe who says that hypnosis heals everything. Good luck
Title: Has anyone tried hypnosis for chronic pain relief
Post by: RichardNaiff on 22/08/2018 01:01:42
Does anyone know a natural,non medicated pain reliever for a toothache? I am getting a root canal done on thursday and i was wondering if someone has used a non medicated pain relief method.
Title: Re: Has anyone tried hypnosis for chronic pain relief?
Post by: wolfekeeper on 22/08/2018 01:58:03
Never used it, but clove oil apparently gives relief for 2-3 hours at a time.