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Title: Is it true that irrigation of the colon "has never been clinically useful"?
Post by: Nika2003 on 25/08/2018 12:48:08
Are you sure that the rectum gives you energy and can improve headaches, allergies and acne? Colon therapy is encouraged by celebrity endorsements and their websites. Gwyneth Paltrow argues that "for the uninitiated large intestine this is, in fact, the method of moisturizing and irrigation of your colon - part of your intestine, which is about five feet in length."
The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists offers a career path - 11 days of training, and you can practice. Purification of the intestine has existed since ancient times, but this does not make it effective. Can large volumes of warm water (up to 60 liters) pump up your rectum, really cleanse toxins and any muck, lining of the intestine and make you feel great?
that the digestive system knows how to eliminate waste and toxins. It seems to me that there is no evidence that toxins accumulate on the walls of the intestine, not to mention the fact that it was caused by "poor removal of waste from the colon."
I read reports of cases of column hydrotherapy, causing abscesses of the pelvis, pushing air into the veins in the intestine and the appearance of gangrene around the anus and the imbalance of electrolytes from all this fluid. According to this study, studies to show this are not useful, but certainly are a sign of harm and even the fact that people have died from it.
Title: Re: Is it true that irrigation of the colon "has never been clinically useful"?
Post by: chris on 25/08/2018 20:53:27
Humans have existed for hundreds of thousands of years and managed just fine until now without the need to undergo colonic irrigation. I agree with the question that irrigation of the colon has never been clinically necessary,