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Title: Get healthier - get happier!
Post by: Nika2003 on 25/08/2018 19:57:24
Do you remember how you felt the last time you got sick? Sure, getting some days off of school or work is appealing but not when you’re home in pain, taking medicine that tastes awful and not being able to go anywhere to have fun!

How happy did you feel? Not very right? Ok, so I know that a lot of you feel so much happier when you eat foods that you love (like all those junk foods!), and you enjoy going out with friends till mid-morning, enjoying drinks, inhaling other people’s smoke and ‘having fun!’ You also probably prefer laying around in bed or on the couch watching TV all day eating chips and eating soda, rather than getting up and getting some exercise, right?

Well, all you need to do now is to decide which life you prefer. Yes, it's true, the junk food loving, partying, no exercising lifestyle does lead to sickness and sometimes premature death! Don’t be frightened. Even though what I am saying is true, you can make just a few simple changes and have a much better outlook.

It’s called balance! Even though you may feel young mentally and emotionally now, one day you might still be young, but in an old body. Poor eating habits or improper food choices, can cause premature aging starting with your cells, leading to premature death.

So, how about exchanging some of those unhealthy food choices with some of the more healthy ones that you keep hearing about? Fruit and cereal for breakfast doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Or how about a salad or chili as a side dish instead of fries? How about popcorn with light butter instead of the extra butter you often choose at the movies?
Title: Re: Get healthier - get happier!
Post by: alancalverd on 27/08/2018 00:27:56
Live fast, love hard, die young. There is no such thing as premature death, only a death that offends other people's ideas of how you should have lived.

Old Irish joke:
Doctor: If you give up smoking, drinking, fried food and sleeping around, you could live another 50 years.
Paddy: And why would I want to?
Title: Re: Get healthier - get happier!
Post by: RjMaan on 14/09/2018 06:51:12
Yeah, i think there is no one who don't want to live healthier. I used to get up early in the morning and have proper breakfast. I think those who don't have proper exercise timings should focus on their exercises as well. Many friends of mine are regularly doing gym and they have recommended me <<<COMMERCIAL LINK REMOVED>>> to have proper health. I think besides supplements one should also focus on physical activities and proper diet plan.
Title: Get healthier get happier
Post by: Emilelix on 15/10/2019 04:33:11
I think that as Im starting to "CURE" my pcos with all these balancing remedies... Im turning more and more straight-curious.

Ive NEVER been straight in my life.

Title: Re: Get healthier - get happier!
Post by: Hayseed on 15/10/2019 05:01:29
No one has to listen to what goes in your mouth, but everybody hears what comes out.