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Title: Do social "isms" impact on scientific development?
Post by: opportunity on 18/09/2018 12:01:09
Does the "end of the day" of science care about "isms"? Capital-"ism", Social-"ism"?, Right and Left?

Is the issue politically in a community the need for "balance", and of course more importantly, "what works for the community", and perhaps more importantly, "fair-play"?

Are we aware of the devil in the detail of capitalism as much as we are with socialism, and vice-versa? Does that impact on scientific development?

Good source of reading is "American Prometheus; The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer". A great read, long, but a great read.

Many forget in their reading of history that America was the first social democracy as a "democratic socialism" opposing the British Aristocratic "capitalists" of the time, back in that day. And from that beginning, America became great for the first time.

Could history repeat itself again against overtly capitalist entities, and what would be the impact on greatness in science?