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Title: Debunking Physics
Post by: paradigm on 19/09/2018 07:19:16
Debunking Physics and Discovering Forever
(A Rational and Materialist Perspective of the Fundamental nature of the Universe)
Stephen Mooney

“… in all of science, and especially in empirical science, the regulatory idea of consistency plays a crucial role in the dynamics of scientific progress.”
(Jesus Mosterin - The role of consistency in empirical science)

For a completely consistent and connected understanding of the Universe, you need to begin from the most fundamental rational and materialist perspective that’s possible. With its over-riding commitment to mathematics and measurements and other abstractions, the physics establishment is an abstractionist paradigm that’s not completely rational and materialist and doesn’t begin from the most fundamental perspective. By adopting a completely rational and materialist and truly fundamental perspective, many of the theories and interpretations of the abstractionist paradigm are overthrown and this leads to the realization of new fundamental laws and the infinite existence and reoccurring nature of everything. This has a revolutionary effect on cosmology and a profound impact upon the way in which we can understand the context of Human existence.

The above is the introduction to the essay which is located at <<<LINK REMOVED>>>

Title: Re: Debunking Physics
Post by: jeffreyH on 19/09/2018 10:23:34
Please refrain from using the forum as your personal soapbox. This section of the forum is for discussing mainstream physics.. This topic is temporarily locked until a proper home for it can be found on the forum.
Title: Re: Debunking Physics
Post by: Colin2B on 19/09/2018 14:05:33
In addition to what @jeffreyH wrote, can I remind you of the following extracts from our a ceptable useage policy, which you agreed to when you joined:

“The site is not for evangelising your own pet theory.  It is perfectly acceptable that you should post your own theory up for discussion, but if all you want to do is promote your own idea and are not inviting critical debate about it, then that will not be acceptable.

It is not acceptable simply to post material onto this forum that you have posted elsewhere, except where the post is specifically pertinent to an ongoing thread.  If you start a thread with a post that is for all practical purposes the same as you have posted elsewhere, we will generally assume that you are evangelising, and will act accordingly.”

Looking at your previous posts it is clear that you are not engaging in science based discussion, but using each post to give a link to your pet theory.
If you continue to do this you will be banned. In the meantime all links will be removed.
Title: Re: Debunking Physics
Post by: alancalverd on 20/09/2018 00:00:06
The difference between philosophy and bullshit is that one does not occur in nature, and is therefore of no interest to a scientist..