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Title: Family dentist
Post by: ScarlettGarcia on 31/01/2019 06:01:51
Dental health is very important whether the regarding person is a kid, adult or old age person. Finding quality family dentistry is not very easy these days. It is quite necessary that a becomes careful while choosing the type of dentistry for their family as well as themselves.
Title: Re: Family dentist
Post by: Colin2B on 31/01/2019 08:54:40
Please phrase your post title as a question and include a science question in the text otherwise your post will be removed in 24hrs.

PS donít try to spam us by trying to advertise a dentist!
Title: Re: Family dentist
Post by: chris on 31/01/2019 17:09:56
Hello; I've just joined the forum and I have no posting history and guess what, I'm really looking for a recommendation for a good family dentist. And would you believe it, I stumbled into this thread and someone else with a n=1 posting history and looks like they know all about family dentists is here ready and waiting. I bet they can right away recommend a good site for me to visit?

Meanwhile, may I recommend a good family doctor who can advise against the ills caused by excessive SPAM...

Title: Re: Family dentist
Post by: chris on 01/02/2019 09:49:33
C'mon @ScarlettGarcia, I'm waiting for my dentist recommendation! Haven't you got a "friend" who can pop in here and recommend some family dentists for us to visit?