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Title: Is this the theory of everything?
Post by: Junior137 on 09/05/2019 02:44:25
I have a proposition for an alternative intuitive model of physical reality. The application of the principles inherent in the model explains every physical phenomena which occurs in the observable universe.

The proposed model rests on the assumption that the natural rest state of the universe is the equilibrium of nothingness. [The model posits that the theoretical existence of quantum foam is nothing more than a mathematical construct of QED and has no separate temporal existence]. The mechanics of the model explains the existence of both virtual particles and anti-particles and what they are.

The vacuum of equilibrium can be regarded as a perpetual property of empty space and represents the prime cosmological constant which permeates all of the universe.  The existence of this cosmological constant is the reason why energy will always take the path of least resistance over time. It also explains why entropy increases over time.

The model postulates that the movement of all matter in 3D space is caused primarily by the force of gravity and that the behaviour of the other fundamental forces, EM and the strong and weak forces, can be calculated from the interaction between the folding of empty space inherent in any given gravity field and the natural permanent equilibrium state which permeates all of empty space.     

The model postulates that the process of the construction of all matter which exists in the universe, occurs radially in Planck length increments from the nucleus out.  The model posits that this principle applies to all matter throughout the universe.

As such, the model predicts that an atom of any of the elements is constructed of a finite number of notional viable Planck shells.  Each Planck shell which comprises the whole structure of the atom has a length of it's circumference which is divisible by the smallest circumference innermost shell.  A Planck shell exists in potentiality only and the potentiality only becomes realised,[ and equates with the electron shells of the Bohr model of the atom], when the equilibrium state which exists  at nucleus of the atom, is disrupted by the influence of an external gravity field acting on it.   

The model proposes that the interaction of any given gravity field with the natural equilibrium rest state of the universe represents a fifth dimension within which the 4 dimensions of physical reality is constructed.                                       
In the version of  physical reality portrayed by this model, there is a prime motive force for the movement of all inanimate matter in the universe -  and that is the intelligent consciousness possessed by a living organism. More specifically, the free will consciousness of the living organism. The validity of this observation would represent the ultimate limit of Occam's Razor.

The model proposes that the 'spirit of life ', [that property which makes the individual organism animated and alive, as opposed to dead and inanimate ], exists and operates only in the timelessness of the 5th dimension.

The medium by which the ephemeral disembodied spirit of life communicates with 4 dimensional physical reality is through the force of gravity.

The model postulates that a gravity field is essentially an instantaneous permanent  magnetic monopole property of the empty space which surrounds the nucleus of the field. The radial alignment of the magnetic monopole is permanently orientated in the direction of the focal point nucleus. Just as the spirit of life of the living organism  exists and operates only in the timeless equilibrium of the 5D, likewise so does the magnetic monopole of the gravity field. 

The model states that whenever an atom of matter is moved in 3D space through the influence of an external gravity field, that it disrupts the equilibrium of the electron shell of the atom relative  to the static point nucleus. [ The model states that the electron and therefore the electric charge of the atom], does not exist till the moment that the the nucleus is moved through the influence of an external gravity field [ and subsequent folding the empty space] acting on it.

 The consequence of the movement of the atom is that it results in the creation of a false vacuum in empty space. The moment of the creation of the false vacuum represents the creation of a field of gravity in the empty space which surrounds it with the nucleus of the atom representing the static focal point of the newly created gravity field.   The strength of any given gravity field [ie, the volume of empty space which is being folded] is determined by the volume of the original false vacuum which created it.

The model posits that the nucleus of every atom of matter represents a static focal point of  synchronicity in time and space and the re- establishment of the natural rest state equilibrium of the universe.

It is a fundamental law of this model that the transfer of information can only occur in a one way direction from an 'interior' Planck shell 'outward' to  larger circumference 'exterior' Planck shells.  In this relationship, the transmitter interior Planck time shell, exists in the past of the exterior receiver shell. Relative to the latter, the interior transmitter Planck shell has a definite concrete existence.  However, relative to the interior transmitter Planck shell, the exterior shell has no temporal existence.

The operation of the electric field of the atom is confined to the lateral surface of the Planck time shell in which the nucleus exists. Whilst the nucleus of an atom remains on the surface of the same Planck time shell, [ie, maintains the same lateral free fall velocity ], the electric charge of the atom will remain neutral . The lateral momentum of the nucleus of the atom on the surface of the Planck shell equates with the motion of the atom in  2 dimensional space [ie, the surface of the Planck time shell in which it exists], whilst remaining static in time.
Equivalently, the perpetual radial  movement of information inexorably in one direction between the Planck shells of a monopole gravity field, equates with the progression of time from the past to the future but with the quanta of information itself, remaining static in space.  When an atom is in a state of equilibrium, the radial magnetic monopole of the gravity field in empty space is maintained and the lateral electric charge of the atom is neutral..

The nucleus of any given atom of matter represents a fixed point of equilibrium on the surface of a Planck shell, where the lateral electric charge and the radial magnetic monopole of the gravity field are in complete synchronicity. The quantised radial progression of the folding of empty space over  time in the magnetic monopole of the gravity field, and the lateral distribution of  electric charge on the surface of the Planck shell,approach each other at right angles and converge at the nucleus in a static focal point in space and time. 

This proposed model posits that all intelligent living things which can move independently in space, creates an alternate reality every time it moves. [ In effect, the creation of an alternate universe]. All living things experience a multitude of 'Sliding Doors' moments. A 'Sliding Door' moment is defined as an event where the individual ultimately has 2 options to action available to choose from. Whichever option to act the individual finally chooses, represents an alternate reality to that which would have occurred IF the individual had chosen the other option.  Each 'Sliding Door' moment always fundamentally represents a 50/50 choice and is particular and specific to each and every individual. 

Sometimes a 'Sliding Door' moment can result in the creation of 2 alternate future realities which are worlds apart from each other such as that which occurred and is portrayed in the film. Sometimes a profound 'Sliding Door' moment can slip past you and you are entirely unaware it happened. Say you go to drop some litter in the bin, but miss it and it falls to the ground. Now you may be in a hurry at that moment. You have 2 choices; either you stop to pick it up, or you are in such a hurry that you don't and you carry on your way. One reality is that the litterbug you doesn't stop and you carry on your way with no consequences to you for your choice of action.

The other alternate reality is that the socially responsible you, stops to take the time to pick it up and put it in the bin. However, this version of reality sees you standing up and bumping into an old flame of yours for whom you still hold a light and who you discover feels the same way.  How could a person know how such a meeting might pan out in the future. But that version of an alternate future reality was only ever available  to the you who stopped to pick up the litter. The other alternate you has no idea that such a 'Sliding Door'  moment occurred at all. And that alternate reality would then  represent the personal and individual universe you would then now exist in.

The relative world in which any particular individual exists at any given moment, is an accumulation of their own personal 'Sliding Doors' alternate realities which they will experience throughout their lives. This law of alternate universes applies from the moment you were conceived to the moment you die.

Every physical phenomena in the universe can be explained if it is assumed that the magnetic monopole of the gravity field operates and exists in a fifth dimension where the concept of space and time have no meaning. The only region which can be pinpointed where we know that the laws pertaining  to the 5th dimension must exist, is the static gravity field focal nucleus which exists at the centre of every atom and body of matter in the universe.

It follows from this that our consciousness must also therefore exist and operate in the tineless 5th dimension.  If the transfer of information is quantised in one direction from the past internal Planck shells to future external shells, it therefore means that our flow of consciousness must also be quantised in the same one direction of time. Every intelligent living thing at any given moment in time [and from their particular perspective of the world], can regard itself as existing at the static centre of their own relative personal universe.

This version of the Planck shell structure of the universe postulates that The CMB represents the Planck shell at which hydrogen was first created in our universe. The consequence of the creation of hydrogen was also the creation of the first electric field in the universe.  As such, there is no time or space [and therefore no matter or energy] before the creation of the CMB there is only the 5th dimension of the  monopole magnetic field of empty space which is focussed on the static Big Bang singularity.

Every black hole which exists at the centre of every galaxy represents a static focal point of the permanent  quantised magnetic monopole gravity field which radiates out from its nucleus.  The gravity field of the black hole , will have a specific Planck shell in the 5th dimension  at which hydrogen is created. The nucleus of every atom of hydrogen which exists in every star in that galaxy exists in the 5th dimension on the surface of the same specific 'hydrogen' Planck shell of the galactic black hole. 

Because the creation of hydrogen in the 5th dimension is concentrated at a specific Planck shell,  from the perspective of existing in the 4 dimensions of physical reality,  we therefore observe it as being a concentrated ball of hydrogen.

The nucleus of the Earth exists on the specific Planck shell of the gravity field of the Sun at which the atoms of iron are created this obviously equates to a distance of roughly 93 million miles. The varying rotational velocities of the matter which constitute the mass of the planet, depending on it's radial distance from the nucleus, means that the atoms of the layers of matter in the interior of the planet, will necessary exist in the 5th dimension in different Planck shells. The varying rotational velocity allows the subsequent creation and formation of stratified layers of the naturally occurring elements.

As such, the elements found on Earth [ such as gold], were not created in the nuclear reactions of ancient exploding stars, but created in the interior of the planet itself.  This same principle can be applied to the rare elements [ such as gold]found in our bodies. Unfortunately, we are therefore  not made of 'star stuff' after all.