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Title: The Holographic Principle only applies to QM particles
Post by: pittsburghjoe on 22/06/2019 00:16:46
Leonard Susskind says physics can't handle information disappearing into a black holes, so it must live on the horizon. What's interesting to me is that it only applies to QM particles ..and not spacetime objects. We are told anything that goes into a blackhole is spaghettified ..turned into quantum waves. It then works out that the holographic principle is only handling information stored in quantum waves. Quantum waves hold the information for the physical object they represent.
So whats the point of this thread? Well, I think it's telling us that spacetime is a special occurrence. We are likely in a black hole of quantum waves ..but something sparked the dimension of spacetime for us. The black holes we see in our dimension probably do not have spacetime enacted within them.
Title: Re: The Holographic Principle only applies to QM particles
Post by: pittsburghjoe on 29/06/2019 20:09:57
When a giant star collapses, the force is so mighty that it rips a hole in spacetime. That singularity is sucking spacetime sized matter in from the star and converting it to quantum sized waves. Because unobserved quantum objects are not physical, the black hole is only storing the information for the objects that it is pulling in (that includes mass).

So we get a giant Quantum ball that spacetime is unable to make physical.

The inside of a black hole is what the universe was before spacetime started. It is a giant pocket of non-spacetime.

Light going into a black hole remains a wave and just groups with all the other waves.

Time stands still from light's pov because it is Quantum and doesn't obey spacetime's version of time.