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Title: Was there really a Big Bang?
Post by: abrooks051 on 14/07/2019 15:31:06
Here is my thought. They say that everything in the Universe is flying away from everything else in the Universe (I will probably discuss the Andromeda Collision at a later time) and that the speed is accelerating. My thought is this. Consider a balloon as the Universe. I blow air into it a a specific point and it expands. The harder and faster I blow the faster the expansion occurs. Is it possible that rather than a Big Bang we have a present "Big Leak"? A place where energy and matter are still flowing into our Universe from, perhaps, a higher dimension?
I began thinking of this when I thought about a supposed "singularity". Taking our present Universe, regardless of how much you compress matter or remove the "space" between atoms, and the like, the result still takes up a very large area. So I believe a singularity is not possible, at least within this Universe. Therefore, a "leak" makes more sense to me. Just my thoughts and opinions.