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Title: A new time.
Post by: Arcades Cinza on 12/09/2020 12:40:37
The words of Stephen Hawking have ushered me up to a new level of curiosity. I've never thought of it like this before yesterday.
What if isobaric spin, or if you want to call it intrinsic angular momentum, is not a property of matter, but rather a property of spacetime, not like how you might imagine it, as how space might be curved to host particular matter, but actually time- the temporal dimension as Albert Einstein once called it.
Time really isn't a property of the physical universe that we watch for durations as objects interact. Ultimately time is still a unified part of the singularity that the universe had been before the big bang. it's  not now in bits of interaction that we observe or do not observe in the universe.
That being said, in continuing the postulation, the intrinsic angular momentum of a particle primarily is a deterministic property, because in being anywhere in the universe, in any given interaction, matter has to be gaining or losing energy, and intrinsic angular momentum is an elementary parameter for how these two functions occur.
We could be looking at a tangible example of the time dimension, not as a property of mass that most physicists will cast away as a theory immediately, but posited with accepted notions of spacetime bearly altered.
Title: Re: A new time.
Post by: puppypower on 14/09/2020 12:46:43
Time propagates to the future never to repeat. Clock based time cycles and repeats. These are two different affects. The tool we use to measure time intervals; clock, does not behave like the propagation of time. For example, twelve noon on a clock occurs each day and therefore repeats. But we cannot go back to noon yesterday. Intrinsic spin is similar to clock time, but not to the propagation of time. The spin repeats itself but the properties do not change over time.

The clocks we use are good for measuring intervals of time, as time propagates, but they do not coordinate with the nature of time, which does not repeat like a wave. Angular momentum is about energy conservation and waves; frequency and wavelength, but not just time apart from space.

Entropy is a concept that better reflects the nature of time. Like time, entropy only goes in one direction; increases via the second law. We cannot go back to yesterday at noon because to do so would require the entropy of the universe decrease, back to where it was. This cannot happen based the second law. Entropy and the second law assures us that time must go forward, and can never cycle like a clock's wave or a spinning object.

Entropy is a state variable, with any given state of matter defining a given amount of entropy. Spin is a state of matter, which contains energy that has been absorbed into entropy. If the spin is perpetual, this energy absorbed into entropy is not recyclable to the universe. It is dead energy. Dead energy is conserved, but no longer available for recycle.

This loss of reusable energy; tied up into various entropic states of matter, assures time has to go to the future, since to go to the past would require that all this perpetual spin would need to stop, to make all the useable energy of the past available.

Entropy absorbs energy when it increases. The second law states that the energy absorbed by entropy has to increase over time. Since it has to increases there is an ever increasing pool of dead energy, that is collecting, that is not reusable by the universe; 2nd law. This energy is conserved and can have expressions such as perpetual spin, but it is not recyclable by the universe. It reflects an earlier time that has stopped in time; always the same.

Some aspects of entropy, where energy is absorbed into states of matter are recyclable. I call this limbo energy. For example, when water freezes, entropy will decrease and the energy within entropy can be recycled. When can then heat the ice and make water thereby increasing the entropy. This recyclable energy within entropy is more like clock time. Dead pool energy within entropic states  does for recycle.