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Title: Discuss: ARMAGEDDON! - The Science of Supervolcanoes, Meteor Strikes, Earthquakes and Arsenic
Post by: thedoc on 05/11/2009 10:56:57
This week a rabies-based Trojan Horse that smuggles drugs across the blood-brain barrier, why first-borns are brighter, progress with Parkinson's and a lunar telescope more powerful than Hubble. Plus in this week's ARMAGEDDON-focused show we look at supervolcanes, earthquakes and arsenic, find out why curtains are absolutely lethal and why a meteorite impact probably didn't dispense with the dinosaurs after all. Also, in Kitchen Science, we test the claim that tapping the top of a fizzy drink before you open it stops it spraying all over you...
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Title: Armageddon Show, what do you think?
Post by: on 05/11/2009 10:56:57

re, kitchen science. Is this also the reason why drink machines drop your can on it's side, to dislodge some of the bubbles?
Title: Armageddon Show, what do you think?
Post by: daveshorts on 29/06/2007 19:16:54
It will do this, and I think it is because the impact is absorbed by the drink spinning rather than shaking and going turbulent which tends to mix in less bubbles than dropiing vertically, and the ones it will I think are larger so float up much quicker.
Title: Armageddon Show, what do you think?
Post by: on 30/06/2007 07:49:20
excellent, cheers dave.