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That CAN'T be true ! / Re: Could some myths be true?
« on: 22/02/2012 18:54:41 »
Did you read my post about an epic battle between the Native American Gods, Skell and Llao which is believed to be a dramatization of an event in history 6000 years ago.  Or the "mythical beasts" that have been either found, or demonstrated to have recently gone extinct.  Even the Duck Billed Platypus was initially approached with some skepticism.

Marriage Law?
Perhaps not myths per-se, but there are some very strong scientific reasons why incestuous relationships are a very bad idea. 

Likewise, it has been demonstrated that other taboos such as cannibalism is unhealthy.

There is still some debate about unicorns, but it is quite likely that unicorn horns were modelled after either antelope horns or more likely narwhals, the unicorns of the sea.

Noah's Flood?  Again hotly debated.  There have been many floods.  But, perhaps there is some cultural memory of sea level rises the flooding of the Mediterranean Sea in the early Holocene.

well to the Noah's flood during the biblical times there were believed to be heavy plate movement so rapid or advanced shifting of the earths landmasses far faster then they move today could cause untold or never heard of before or "biblical" like disasters. 

A great example would be a hypercane no they don't exist in today's world but they could if the right conditions were possible  while this in itself isnt really a myth some people speculate that if Atlantis was real this could be the horrible storm that sunk or destroyed it.

New Theories / Re: Atomic Reconstruction
« on: 22/02/2012 18:27:23 »
Hi Balisk - you are gonna have to explain in more detail and with a bit more attention to simple sentences/language; I cannot follow what you are trying to express.

ok simply put my theory involves changing the properties of an atom by using super powerful electromagnetic fields to take away or add protons to an atom.  Sorry im not all that good at communicating whats in my head effectively.

I came up with this after reading about how scientists use electromagnetic fields to separate a single particle of anti-matter from regular matter for studying so I thought well if we can make EM fields that strong could we build on that and make them even stronger and more accurate so we could pinpoint them to move protons.

That CAN'T be true ! / Re: Could some myths be true?
« on: 22/02/2012 03:21:55 »
I agree with all of you and to explain further though what I was originally stating and trying to do was to ask you all if you could take a myth and use scientific reasoning to somewhat give it realism.  Like with the fountain of youth I tried to explain how maybe it could work outside of myth and legend and i wondered if there were any other myths that you all could come up with and do the same

New Theories / Re: exploting the link?
« on: 22/02/2012 02:45:30 »
I would be talking about entangling the particles and then leaving one in a theoretical wormhole yes.  I am not really good at explaining what im talking about sorry.

That CAN'T be true ! / Could some myths be true?
« on: 20/02/2012 07:38:36 »
Now every legend and every myth has some form of truth behind them but could some of them be true just over construed do to word of mouth or some other form.  Take for instance the fountain of youth it in fact could be true but instead of a fountain which could have easily come about as to make the story more intriguing it could have simply been a pool of water with some form of mineral or enzyme or what not in it that could help slow down or replenish cell deterioration giving the effect of making one younger but rather then an instant effect the consent bathing in said water would garner some effect.

So if you go off this how many myths or legends can you all come up with and alter to have a rational face behind it like i just did in the above.

New Theories / exploting the link?
« on: 19/02/2012 19:59:13 »
Could the phenomenon that Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" be explored to be used in teleportation or to prove the existence of wormholes/whiteholes seeing as how these particles are linked?

"As unfathomable as it sounds, repeatable experiments reveal that quantum connections between two particles can persist even if the two particles are on opposite sides of the universe."

Taken from ( ) this site and this one ( basically explain what I am talking about in case you didn't know.

Going off of this could the links they establish be used in proving the existence of wormholes and or whiteholes do to particles being linked such as the particles being linked from a black hole to a theoretical whitehole somewhere in an antimatter galaxy.  Or to show that wormholes exist/could be made by somehow creating a physical link ie. rift in space, to the conjoining particles location?

This article I found also would help push the idea/theory ( )

I would love to hear what all of you have to say :)

Now I'm no meteorologist but I got to thinking would it be possible to make and use Ionized air particles to alter the weather in a theoretical sense.  Such as having them introduced at a specific altitude to cause change in air pressure resulting in the formation of clouds which could then be pumped with moisture to make rain. Another noted part of my thinking was in addition to doing this to make rain clouds if it would be possible to use this if it could be done to disrupt and dispel storms?

I would really love some feedback please and ty  :)

New Theories / Atomic Reconstruction
« on: 19/02/2012 06:36:47 »
Hi I'm new here and I have this theory that I find sorta controversial if it ever were to be proven true and I have been wanting some opinions on it from people who know what they are talking about.

My theory Atomic Reconstruction is based off the fact that we can use highly intense electromagnetic fields to keep atoms or really matter away from a single atom of anti-matter for studying for less then a second well if we were to improve on the EMF's so that they could be stabilized at a much higher level that they could be then used on the individual atom and its components being mainly the protons that atom could then be reconstructed by having the EMF's take away a proton or feasibly add one to thus change the properties of the atom allowing for it to be changed.  Taking from this if say at its highest form a portable version were to be made one could become a god as this would also in-tale immortality in the form of not aging do to having the atomic structure of our cells be renewed to keep us the same age, in addition to being able to change anything into anything else and protection from anything lethal do to an atomic shield.  These are some of the applications aside from any given do to common sense.

So if anyone would be willing to comment I would appreciate it.

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