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I was thinking that an environment of a certain temperature with added wind for a chill factor would actually contain more energy?then that same temperature environment without the wind?

General Science / astrological arithmetic?
« on: 13/01/2013 12:57:06 »
consider the multiples of 3 and there are tables online. all multiples of 3 can be resolved to 3, 6, or 9, buy simply adding the factors of the multiples to result in 1 number. consider the multiple of 3 which is 666... 6 + 6 + 6 equals 18... and 1 + 8 equals 9. this silly message whatever it is called seems to resolve all multiples of 3 to either 3, 6, or 9. Why? I call it astrological arithmetic because it popped into my head when I was drunk AA


Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Copernicus & GR
« on: 22/06/2012 10:01:09 »
In the 20th century, orbits are explained by general relativity, which can be formulated using any desired coordinate system, and it is no longer necessary to consider the Sun the center of anything." wikipedia/ Copernicus page.   I dont get it, please clarify, thanx

will my clothesline, 50' double line on pulleys & added pulley/support @ center of hung load,last longer if I keep it tight with tightening gizmo OR should I let it sag without tightening?.....thanx

massless? wave can go thru the space, or hit an electron, or hit the nucleus particles or spaces between them? whats with the quantum thing?............thanx 8

New Theories / Insulation blanket around the universe
« on: 25/03/2012 23:00:17 »
1-particles exit the edge & encounter a more intense Vaccuum
2-intenser  V slows down particles so they eventually collide [like a traffic pileup]
3-colliding particles condense into blackholes & absorb photons

General Science / More efficient fire?
« on: 23/03/2012 16:45:59 »

General Science / Proper pie to celebrate pi day?
« on: 14/03/2012 17:40:25 »
Gotta have filling made from cubiclike ingredients= salt,sugar,grass? any hints

General Science / heat my new room with Kirchoffs?
« on: 11/02/2012 16:34:54 »
& radiant woodstove. Black ceiling,well insulated, absorbs & radiates heat well? Black floor does similar?..............comments?....thanx

General Science / do i wanna burn a banana peel for heat?
« on: 27/12/2011 19:54:00 »
its kinda wet but has sugar + whatever

Can meat stuck between teeth cause cavities?

Geek Speak / ?hold the mouse button longer?
« on: 12/12/2011 17:20:26 »
my slow PC! =If I hold the click longer on the mouse, will it make it faster?

Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / ?photon & phonon?
« on: 09/12/2011 16:47:18 »
photon shoots thru diamond & phonom vibration is created thus reducing the frequency of the photon upon exiting the diamond? What happens to the residual phonom?

just found "entangled swapping" which may suggest the BIGBANG resulted in all being entagled?
Assuming a neutrino [mass] can outrun a photon[massless] then the accelerating entropial edge of the universe would disappear cause the mass is outrunning the massless light which needs to be reflected to see the mass?  atom1 & atom2 are entangled but a2 has exceeded C whereas a1 gets hit with a photon so their entangled interaction suggests a1 photonic shell jump + a2 no photon, & the average= 1/2 exactly & thats exactly where the shell has to be?

i dont get it. if mass=0, then photon has no energy?

General Science / ?Am I smarter than the mouse?
« on: 10/11/2011 13:11:34 »
M comes up thru gas stove onto the countertop & raids food left there. 2 nites ago, I left a flank bone & M raids & tries to drag bone down into stove but its too big. I put the bone back on countertop & yesterday I hear M moving the bone, this time he tries a different burner hole to no avail so I left the bone where M left it in the burner hole. Last nite, I left an opened plastic bag loaf of bread on the countertop [forgot] & this morn the bread is untouched! = Wonder if M is going for the bone & forgetting the countertop raid

whats the diff between telomeres & telomerase?

General Science / ?visual phenomena,why?
« on: 01/11/2011 13:37:55 »
i watch a very thin stream of oil falling from a pipe & into another pipe thru 1' of airspace. It looks like a stream until i abruptly twist my head horizontally [snaplike] & then i see droplets instead of a stream while my head is rotating [snaplike].

If looking down on the solar system from above the N pole direction, which way does the earth spin on its axis & rotate around the sun?   Clockwise/counterclockwise?     thanx

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