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I would be interesting to send a probe to the Centauri system but I see several problems, firstly the speed must be at least .05c and the only means I know of to produce such a high speed is with a Photon beam but that requires 500MW  per Newton so the acceleration would be extremely low.
The next problem would be interstellar particles with which it would collide even at the modest speed of ISS these pose a problem which is tiny compared with what Centauri 1 would face.
please detail your designs.

Now that the inmates have taken over the asylum and JFK Jr appointed as medical advisor to the president a believer that vaccinations cause autism I see that as he spreads this ludicrous idea ancient scourges will return.
First will be measles, bad enough but worse will come Polio is only in very small reserves in the wild and wild type smallpox only in military laboratories but modern biology enables both to be synthesized from scratch.
I think homeopaths will have a field day 

One of the things that strikes you in Germany is the amount of smoking and the way drivers flash their lights to get past if you drive as slow as 160kph on the autobahn, despite these things road casualties are low and the Germans seem to stay healthy

I am continually bombarded by offers of free roulette spins, if I took $1000 and used it to make 1000 bets on either a single number or changed my number for each according to a list of random numbers how much would I have left after my 1000 bets

I am often appalled when I see people who apparently have a low income wasting so much of it.
They buy highly advertised goods in the stores when they can often buy similar products for a fifth of the price. they borrow money at ridiculous high rates of interest, buy lottery tickets that return on average 25% of what they cost , smoke which improves my pension income by shortening their lives!.
Can there be better education in economics or is this basically the capitalism works

This was at one time considered an un answerable question but modern physics enables us to calculate an answer.
If the correct translation of the Greek is used an angel is seen to be a messenger not the Valkyrie like figure we see on our war memorials.
QM tells us that the forces between sub atomic particles are mediated by messenger particles, if we know the energy of these particles surely they can be said to have a size which can be correlated with the area of a pin head 

I must first assure my fellow members that I would not drive for at least 12 hours after consuming this amount of alcohol
I weigh 85 Kg and believe I have normal metabolism, the legal limit in the UK is 0.085% alcohol blood ratio and although judgment is impaired motor reflexes still work as people are found driving with 4 times this amount.
It is assumed that the alcohol is consumed over a period of one hour and I have had adequate meals before taking it.
Whisky in the UK is rated at ALC 40%

leap seconds cause confusion , could all the windmills be run in reverse to get the rotation speed correct ?

I am constantly regaled by my TV that I should buy a mix of cheap generics that I am told that "there is nothing stronger for the symptoms of colds and flu than *********".
I could not but wonder whether expensive antivirals such as are prescribed for HIV would be any help.

There a common belief that drinking the water in which eggs have been boiled causes warts.
this is entirely plausible as many life forms have been found that will survive 100C, it is now known that warts at caused by a virus and when young I numerous contacts with chicken and suffered from warts.

From a scientific point of view I consider a manned trip to mars a crazy idea although there may be political reasons.
To demonstrate a countries superior technology might be an idea but beware another country may leapfrog you.
the cost of a manned mission would be at least ten times that of a robotic mission and the scientific benefit probably negligible as survival in an hostile environment would take all their energy.
The biggest downside would be the contamination of Mars by Earth type organisms ruining any investigation of native Martian life, the record of successful landings on Mars is abysmal only about 50% so one likely scenario is the scattering of a large quantity of Earth type biological material around the landing site.

The normal way for the UK police to apprehend a violent dangerous person is with an electric shock machine followed by strangulation.
This sometimes leads to the death of the person involved but the police are always exonerated.
On 13/10/2016 a large gorilla left its enclosure in the London zoo and although not normally very aggressive these large mammals pose a potential danger but it was sedated with a tranquilizer dart and successfully  returned to its quarters.
Why is this system not used with humans ?

In modern warfare combatants are reluctant to modern toxic chemicals because of the danger to their own forces but link below details interesting developments that promise to give immunity to agents such as sarin.
This is fine for the troops involved but would it not lead to even more civilian deaths who even now die ten times as often as military personal.

DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1523362113

I have read suggestions that the Electron is a composite particle hence my question

I have always been unhappy with they simplistic answer that they do I have now found an article where the more subtle aspects of the question are discussed


Technology / Will we ever have flying cars?
« on: 12/09/2016 07:16:14 »
The Idea has been around for at least a hundred years and every year or so we read about a new one being developed .
I can think of no possible use for one they would have a very substandard performance on the road and the opportunities to fly them would be very limited other than in relatively empty countries such as Australia.

There  has been much concern of late over the amount of plastic rubbish going into the oceans, I feel that it is probably unnecessary to worry as new forms of bacteria will evolve that will consume this abundant food supply.

Walking on water is no big deal I have done it often when its frozen, for a women to give birth when she does not know what caused it happens all the time and for a crowd to be convinced to share out their food when the preacher suggests it is not surprising or for someone to survive for a few months after being crucified for a few hours has often been reported.
Religious people think these things only happen due to a supernatural being intervening but there are more common explanations

Technology / Could a sword slice thru an anvil ?
« on: 21/08/2016 19:52:42 »
In Wagner's opera Siegfried reforges the magic sword Nothnung and to demonstrate its power slices thru the anvil with a single blow.
If the technology such as is used for anti tank shells was applied would this be possible?

Someone threw a Galax A5 into my yard as part of an insurance scam ,I recharged it and found it ran OK despite being a little battered but it had so much offensive trash on it that I did a factory reset but cannot now get it back to life!.
No "apps" come up only a tinny voice talking to me that I can hardly hear being a little deaf.
I well understand PC,s but this is the first time I have touched a "smart phone".
PS I have downloaded an operating manual.

Almost every day Redmond send me a new update for windows 10 which puts the computer out of action for about an hour and necessitates me re-installing various drivers that go missing, I know the answer is to move to the slow lane but then you feel you are missing something.
The stock answer is to move to Linux I tried putting columbine in a new partition but it was a bit of a disaster having Linux and windows on the one drive

Physiology & Medicine / Are house flies dangerous?
« on: 17/07/2016 20:22:27 »
When I was a boy living in north London house flies were a great source of annoyance and possibly danger as they bred on the horse droppings that were common on the roads.
Now the horses are long gone and most of the flies with them do the few that remain carry any disease. 

Geek Speak / what happened to the web site ?
« on: 09/07/2016 17:06:50 »
Why could I not sign in for 36 hrs ?

Technology / Why do banks close down at the week end?
« on: 11/06/2016 11:51:30 »
Why no banking at weekends, do technicians take all the bits and bytes out of the computers and do the calculations manually to give the Silicon a rest ? 

Planets are considered to be capable of supporting life if they orbit their star within the goldilocks zone where liquid water can exist.
By my reckoning the Earth lies outside this zone with a black body temperature of 250K where water can only exist in a solid form.
Would alien astronomers write it off ?

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