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With the inmates running the asylum I am not surprised they have picked a VP who does not believe in science

I am reminded of the Xmass pudding that queen Elizabeth the first had a hand in making, each year a spoonful is saved to go into the next years pudding so that when you eat some you are eating a pudding that liz 1 had a hand in preparing

It does not happen the universe is not old enough for a Neutron star ever to cool, outside the high pressure environment of a nucleus or a neutron star they decay in about 15 minutes emitting an electron and an anti neutrino   

I would be interesting to send a probe to the Centauri system but I see several problems, firstly the speed must be at least .05c and the only means I know of to produce such a high speed is with a Photon beam but that requires 500MW  per Newton so the acceleration would be extremely low.
The next problem would be interstellar particles with which it would collide even at the modest speed of ISS these pose a problem which is tiny compared with what Centauri 1 would face.
please detail your designs.

I only asked that the size of the messenger particle be co-related with the area of the pin head, pins come in various sizes as do messenger particles

With the current version of windows 10 15007 one has to take care when writing replies to forums, its all to easy to write a long piece and have it disappear when you go to post it.
Be sure to write it separately and paste it in.

Up until the fifties away from electric railways with a good receiver it was possible to receive American domestic MW broadcasts but now one can only hear continuous hash from switched mode PSU,s

Now that the inmates have taken over the asylum and JFK Jr appointed as medical advisor to the president a believer that vaccinations cause autism I see that as he spreads this ludicrous idea ancient scourges will return.
First will be measles, bad enough but worse will come Polio is only in very small reserves in the wild and wild type smallpox only in military laboratories but modern biology enables both to be synthesized from scratch.
I think homeopaths will have a field day 

I wrote a long reply then dropped the key board   ! thanks

One of the things that strikes you in Germany is the amount of smoking and the way drivers flash their lights to get past if you drive as slow as 160kph on the autobahn, despite these things road casualties are low and the Germans seem to stay healthy

I am continually bombarded by offers of free roulette spins, if I took $1000 and used it to make 1000 bets on either a single number or changed my number for each according to a list of random numbers how much would I have left after my 1000 bets

The question was of course why do the poor misuse their money not why are they poor.
I am sure your mate despite his relative poverty  has the wisdom to use what little money he has wisely

Since about 6 weeks ago I have been quite unable to run DISM always being told the source file is not available, it always used to run with the simple command  "Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth"  but despite three system updates from 14896 to 15007 it will no longer run.
Can anyone else run it ?

It is interesting to contemplate what will be the chief source of power by 2100, presumably nuclear fusion both hot and cold will be the main source with windmills relegated to climate control and Earth rotation speed adjustment.
Loosed from the shackles of Brussels UK will ones again be a great power and we will solve the immigrant problem by shipping them to Ceylon, Palestine, Madagascar or our Australian colony.
Road vehicle speed will revert to 12 MPH to reduce the terrible carnage on the roads while locomotives will be steam powered with cold fusion boilers
New experimental power sources such as the harvesting of antimatter and mini black holes will be about 20 years away from deployment.

I think this makes it all the more imperative to get one or both of the schemes that Alan and I devised working to restore the Earths rotation speed to what it was in 1900

It will probably cost you no more than 1.00 per year

I am often appalled when I see people who apparently have a low income wasting so much of it.
They buy highly advertised goods in the stores when they can often buy similar products for a fifth of the price. they borrow money at ridiculous high rates of interest, buy lottery tickets that return on average 25% of what they cost , smoke which improves my pension income by shortening their lives!.
Can there be better education in economics or is this basically the capitalism works

Although in the fifties and sixties I frequently drove in what today would be considered an intoxicated state I am now older and wiser and would always abstain from alcohol for 24 hours before doing any serious driving, my interest was stirred by having a litre of whisky left over from xmass which I was worried would soon be past its use by date which I did not wish to waste.

Experiments have been done confining people in an artificial environment where they had a 25 hour day and they soon adapted so its one thing you will not have to worry about when you join the Mars colony

This was at one time considered an un answerable question but modern physics enables us to calculate an answer.
If the correct translation of the Greek is used an angel is seen to be a messenger not the Valkyrie like figure we see on our war memorials.
QM tells us that the forces between sub atomic particles are mediated by messenger particles, if we know the energy of these particles surely they can be said to have a size which can be correlated with the area of a pin head 

Plenty of creatures were laying eggs long before chickens evolved

I must first assure my fellow members that I would not drive for at least 12 hours after consuming this amount of alcohol
I weigh 85 Kg and believe I have normal metabolism, the legal limit in the UK is 0.085% alcohol blood ratio and although judgment is impaired motor reflexes still work as people are found driving with 4 times this amount.
It is assumed that the alcohol is consumed over a period of one hour and I have had adequate meals before taking it.
Whisky in the UK is rated at ALC 40%

I was pleased to see that my calculation of 430 TW for a year was close to the figure of 3.7 TW for 116 years that you posted, I guess we will have to put up with our leap seconds until our nuclear fusion reactors get going.

Is any one using Sci_hub a wonderful Russian development that enables you to read publications such as NATURE for free, there is of course an ethical problem but for a poverty stricken OAP like me there would be no likelihood of me paying so I don't feel to guilty   

My back of a fag package calculation works out at 430 TW for a year rather a strain on our generating capacity

even_au I think the definition of the second has been updated now to an atomic standard 

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