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Title: Acitvated Charcoal !!..What Is It ?
Post by: neilep on 12/06/2008 20:54:21
Dearest Peeps Of Academic Oodles and Clever Knowing Abundance,

See this Charcoal ?

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Nice eh ?

It seems to be rather laid back and not doing much !!...which, is contrary to the fact that it's  " activated " !! on earth is " Activated " charcoal ?...what's the difference between that and good old regular bog standard charcoal that we all know and luff ?

Make it your goal
To teach me this date
About the nature of coal
And why it's activate ?

LOL.......quality poemage and ewe know it !!

Title: Acitvated Charcoal !!..What Is It ?
Post by: Bass on 12/06/2008 22:24:58
While probably a chemistry question- but what the heck, I'll have a go at it.  Years ago I used activated charcoal to search for uranium deposits- the process went something like this:
1. get a bunch of activated charcoal
2. place a specified amount (I think it was 20 grams) in small porous plastic bags
3. bury the bags about 8 inches in the soil in a grid pattern
4. wait a couple of weeks
5. retrieve the bags, send them to the lab to be checked for radioactivity (equivalent Uranium)

This worked really well- and better yet, was cheap.  The large surface area of the activated charcoal would absorb uranium daughter products that decayed from radon gas.  "Activated" charcoal means that it is extremely porous- giving it an enormous surface area to absorb other materials.  More plainly, it's full of holes.

after my years of uranium exploration, I still glow enough at night that I don't need reading lamps

Don't remember the process for creating activated charcoal, but if one of the chemistry types happens to wander into the Geology section by mistake, maybe he/she can provide more information.
Title: Acitvated Charcoal !!..What Is It ?
Post by: JimBob on 12/06/2008 23:31:08
nice of you to pop in. ever been to the site before. we like it when new people join and we .... wait a second ...

Bass? Bass?  that rings a bell, now where have ----

Title: Acitvated Charcoal !!..What Is It ?
Post by: Bass on 13/06/2008 04:00:04
JimBob- you forgot to take your memory pills again?