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Title: Naturopath Or Holistic Worth A Try?, trying to get diagnosis / anyone go this ro
Post by: MORGANCOOK5 on 09/11/2009 18:08:45
I am wondering if it would be worth a try to see a holistic dr? I posted earlier in the pre-diagnosis board about my long struggle with symptoms and problems with GI drs. Has anyone been diagnosed this way or have positive things to say? I would love some input. It seems these types of drs. might even be more sensitive?
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Title: Re: Naturopath Or Holistic Worth A Try?, trying to get diagnosis / anyone go this ro
Post by: _Stefan_ on 10/11/2009 00:02:01
I am sorry to hear about your condition.

If you want medical treatment that is actually effective then you should stay as far away from Alternative "medicine" as possible. Their "treatments" are insufficiently regulated for safety and efficacy. Many of them have been shown to be outright dangerous as well as very ineffective. Most of the modalities, e.g. homeopathy and chiropractic, have no basis in reality.

Alternative "medicine" can not treat medical conditions.

However, if all you are looking for is comfort and you are willing to pay excessive amounts of money for it, then Alternative "medicine" is one option for you, as long as you refrain from ingesting any of their substances and ignore them when they discourage you from real treatment. You might be better off seeing a psychologist to help get you through your medical stresses.

You should try to find some good doctors practicing real science-based medicine and get help from them.

An excellent online resource is

Title: Re: Naturopath Or Holistic Worth A Try?, trying to get diagnosis / anyone go this ro
Post by: EatsRainbows on 11/11/2009 09:26:49
If its any help, i have a genetic illness myself and multiple other medical problems. i was diagnosed as a small child (via mainstream medical methods). My mother is what one would call extremist as far as alternative/natural medicines and philosophies go. i was quite literally dragged half way around the world time and time again through most of my life, certainly all of my childhood in search of 'cures' or at least treatments.

I've probably tried nearly every method that is out there, nothing had any effect whatsoever and most of their diagnosis' were pretty far fetched, related to karma, astrology, inborn personality traits etc that apparently have associated symptoms, certainly nothing of any medical worth and i do not believe that such things as habbits or personality like biting your lips or nails,  a child that wets their bed (apparently due to fear of their father, though i knew quite a few little kids that did this and they loved their dads) is in any way a method of determining correct treatment for a problem that does not occur in the mind. A  lot of natural medicines look for such 'symptoms', thinking patterns etc. Some types of homeopathy will determine the most relevant medication based upon such traits.

My childhood best friend was born with a twin sister. She got  whooping cough when they were infants. Their father is a well respected and well known homeopathic Dr. He treated his daughter with his own medicines and she subsequently died. The family still believe it was 'her time to go', ie in spiritual terms, fate, meant to be, bound to happen one way or the other. Whooping cough is treatable, if only he had taken her to a mainstream Dr. i believe you would find many similar stories on the internet and such.

If you have a mainstream Dr that you are not happy with and you feel you are not receiving the right treatment, perhaps try seeking out another? i have done this in the past and i was successful. If they are not sensitive enough, a friend or family member could attend appointments with you for moral support?

I hope that rant is in some way helpful. If you want to ask me about any of my experiences then you would be most welcome.