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Title: Development of the Connection Theory?
Post by: Luangelys on 07/07/2015 16:43:41
Model - Connection

Soul = Server
Body = Computer
God or Life = Internet

Memory - All our memories are hosted on our server, the soul, for it use a connection that unite us to a network, the Internet, all this data traffic is processed by our computer, the body.
The body alone can not bear to store all our memories, so there is a natural need to upload the entire contents to the server, so we can access these data when necessary.

Forgetting is linked directly to the deterioration of our memory (ability to acquire, store, and retrieve memories), taking into account that our server has unlimited storage capacity, but to access and retrieve that data we need a skilled functioning of our memory.

The soul can still have its origin is unknown, but taking into account the scientific and religious studies, we can analyze that the soul goes through a process of evolution as the body, with its extended properties, still consider our inability to measure the age of a soul, because the present state of a soul is still outside the boundaries of our understanding of the notion of time and space.

The physical body as we know it has a limited lifetime, from birth to death, unlike the soul, which are unaware of its existence duration in time and space, for this study we will consider that the soul has a much longer duration than the body, perhaps infinite is their duration, given also that everything that reaches the end of its duration is transformed into something new, a natural recycling process of nature.

The pineal gland functions as a browser, bringing to mind the necessary listening to high and low levels of connection with the universal network, the Internet. Some think that the pineal gland is only meant to be used by the physical body, forgetting its connection with our energy bodies and the universal network, even their connection to the soul, an immense source of knowledge, high intelligence.

Our body needs to use a lot of energy to establish connections from basic to the most complex, for higher connections the process requires greater preparation of the body that will host the information received, the greater the connection duration and higher exchange information, the greater the body energy expenditure.

One of the biggest challenges found in this study is to define how is the process of unification between the genetic process of design and the connection of the soul to the body that forms in any design, considering that the mental life begins when the life of a starts, the start is considered here to be the moment of conception, the challenge is to understand how a proper soul connects to the being who has just graduated, a new computer that is already generated with connection to the server, the soul, and a universal network, life.

One of the soul's capabilities is to function as a server for all content experienced by the body, and the soul works as a super computer hosting your own server and hosts this finally the memories experienced by the body.

Our body as we know it is an avatar of our consciousness, it exists from the data stream that transits both soul and our physical body, going through our energy bodies and the universal network, life, so the consciousness could the fact be the greatest proof that actually exist once questioned, can imagine the possibility of not having the exact awareness of our real existence, for example, what we know as the universe, the vast universe, could be a computer program controlled by beings greater than all of us, we would never know the full reality of the process, possibly we would know something more when our consciences evolved to such a point of perception and this could occur when our souls were no longer connected with our physical bodies.

Written by Luangelys De Paula.
Title: Re: Development of the Connection Theory?
Post by: jccc on 09/07/2015 14:23:39
interesting theory.

gravity connected all matters all the time.