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Title: What is now known about the Higgs Boson?
Post by: Harri on 28/10/2015 20:20:27
I have just watched a TV program from 2012 that was watching developments in the search for the Higgs Boson. I managed to understand most of it and thought it was very interesting. Have their been any significant developments since the news in 2012 that the Higgs Boson had been discovered? Was/is it believed to be just what the scientists were looking for? And have the results led to any other findings?
Title: Re: Higgs Bosen developments?
Post by: Bill S on 28/10/2015 23:29:46
This is not a bad place to start getting your head round the Higgs field/particle. The original articles may not be very up to date, but Matt will always answer questions. ( (
Title: Re: What is now known about the Higgs Boson?
Post by: Harri on 29/10/2015 19:57:08
Oops, I'll spell it right this time, Boson!
The article by Matt looks very interesting and might be something I could understand with my limited knowledge. A very interesting subject.
Very much appreciated.