Podkletnov machine

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Podkletnov machine
« on: 17/09/2007 02:26:45 »
Ok, I'm not sure if this was already in another thread (or even if I've posted in that thread...) but here it goes:  How does the Podkletnov machine work?  Supposedly the machine consisted of spinning superconductors and it generated a gravity-shielding effect (the actual empirical result of running the machine was a significant drop in air pressure above the spinning superconductor).  From the thread on SR and magnetism, I understand current running through this superconductor might generate a large magnetic field, thus displacing some of the air pressure but this is not the explaination I've heard.  Using the same reasoning as the SR approach to magnetism, shouldn't a spinning mass actually generate an attractive gravito-magnetic field which would increase the air pressure?  Can someone please explain this to me?
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Podkletnov machine
« Reply #1 on: 17/09/2007 06:08:34 »
If we give any credence to the idea that gravity is mediated by Gravitons it shows how unlikely that gravity could be shielded.
The suggested mass for the Graviton is about 10^-11 that of the Neutrino, to stop Neutrinos would require light years of lead how about stopping Gravitons !!