neo and collisions with the earth

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neo and collisions with the earth
« on: 18/09/2007 21:36:48 »
hey, i did a search on this subject n found an old piece somewhere on this site and thought i would sign upto give my idea on it.

it was all about building gravity tractors to move neo's from their trajectory of hitting earth an also about using 1000 megaton warheads to blow them up.

my idea basically was, all neo's have some kind of rotational force and to my knowledge, if you could move, say a rocket or object around the big lump of rock in the opposite direction, wudnt it slow down its rate of spin and thus would not hold together?


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neo and collisions with the earth
« Reply #1 on: 18/09/2007 23:36:20 »
This idea does not seem to work  Think about it a bit more and try to explain it a bit more clearly and in a bit more detail.
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