K/T event

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K/T event
« on: 21/09/2007 17:10:12 »
                  K/T event
(I can send for you the new cosmogeological theory by E-mail )
Although the scientific community's current view is that the K/T boundary was created by a meteorite impact, it is still under debate. The K/T layer has very high amounts of iridium, which is hard to explain by other means than an extraterrestrial origin. This gives us at least two possibilities, namely an isolated major impact or a large meteor shower which would affect the climate in the same way as a single large asteroid.  There are a number of anthropomorphic ideas trying to explain dinosaur extinction:  Epidemic disease, Acid rains, Giant tsunami, Other proposed causes are climatic change (especially cooling and drying), change in sea levels, chemical poisoning of ocean waters, changes in atmospheric chemistry, rocks falling out of the sky, cosmic radiation, and global volcanic activity. All versions are true. They were together reason dinosaurs’ extinction and additional factors too: Only Modern Cosmogeological Theory can explain everything.                          www.cosmogeology.ge 
 -http://www.cosmogeology.ge/chapter-16.htm      …  -The huge geocatastrophe 65 mya.
Billions of years ago in the Solar system were collapsed   5-th planet (Ceres' Titanic mother body), one of the Saturn's and Neptune's moon.   65 million years ago one of the remains of this catastrophes, one of the destroyed geosphere huge chunk (10 km in diameter) was crushed to the Earth on the north-west part ancient Africa-south American (without west Andes) continent. There were created giant cracks on the ancient Tethys Ocean bad and on the inner and outer margins of ancient Africa-south American continent.  There were destroyed everything and everybody around centre of explosion.   There were submerged almost all north-west part of ancient continent by this time. Only high mountains were not submerged and now they are as the islands and parts of American continents  around Caribbean sea.  Giant meteorite's explosion caused not only shock-shaking all over the Earth, impact destroyed balance of huge geoforces between inner geospheres... Started EB geotransfer (huge geocatastrophe)......   C and D geosphere of mantle are under influence huge geoforces. Into outer nucleus is huge pressure. Reason is defect of volume into E geosphere. C and D geosphere are under huge   pressure of asthenosphere and crust too.
I don't have any doubt of many scientists investigations about Chicxulub Crater . Caribbean sea's floor proves that, impact was huge...  but it can not explain how did the reptiles and fishes die into all seas and all oceans.... how could  create Caucasus, west part of northern Cordilleras and Andes, all same age mountain chains very far from impact. This crater was not center of huge K/T geocatastrophe, it was only DETONATOR of huge K/T geocatastrophe.  Impact theory could not explain destroy huge Tethys ocean, formation of Atlantic Ocean, etc.    Clue is into EB geotransfer... (Rapid movement outer nucleus masses into asthenosphere). Inner balance of Earth inner geological forces between mantle and outer nucleus was destroyed by this giant impact, and was began EB geotransfer... It has another name, HUGE GEOCATASTROPHE..... (K/T event) now we can explain everything …
Fact is that: One of the scientists gropes found K/T event evidences to the Everest. Second grope found huge crater under Caribbean Sea. Third grope found evidences of giant kilometer high tsunami in the Andes. Fourth grope found evidences Acid rains. Fifth grope found change in sea levels. Sixth grope found chemical poisoning of ocean waters evidences. Seventh grope found That K/T layer has very high amounts of iridium…etc. Usually members of these gropes are best scientists of different scientific fields.  Usually members of these gropes are working separately and they are discussing evidences during own   separately meetings.
No one theory could connect these evidences still. Only cosmogeological theory can explain everything. (www.cosmogeology.ge) I’m very sorry but K/T event was part of our planets’ geological evolution and it was particle of universe evolution. I have already proved everything with my theory.
       I'll try explain everything. 200 years of research and a wealth of data are not contradict of my arguments. Slowly displacement (drift during peaceful period reason of oceans appear, expand and contract on a geologic timescale) is supported by cosmogeologycal theory as well as all main scientific versions about K/T event.
Important news for scientists is EB geotransfer (rapid movement of outer nocleus masses into asthenosphere) with huge destruction results for lithosphere platforms. (During huge geocatastrophes only)
1.   EB geotransfer means rapid movement of huge thick continental plateforms.
2.   EB geotransfer means destruction almost all thin lithosphere plateforms of oceans.
3.   EB geotransfer means chemical poisoning of ocean waters
4.   EB geotransfer means Giant tsunamis
5.   EB geotransfer means a lot of acid rains
6.   EB geotransfer means change in sea levels
7.   EB geotransfer means changes in atmospheric chemistry (chemical poisoning of hole atmosphere by  poisoning and suffocating gaseous streams)
8.   EB geotransfer means global volcanic activity.
9.   EB geotransfer means alive boiling almost all species of seas and oceans.
10. EB geotransfer means poisoning and suffocating almost all species on the continents.
11. EB geotransfer means huge putrefaction all over the Earth and into all seas and oceans. (Epidemic disease)
12. EB geotransfer means overridden movements thin lithosphere platforms on the each other and on the thick continental platforms too.
13. EB geotransfer means fossils of ammonites to the Everest.
14. EB geotransfer means huge folded geolayers of the crust.
15. EB geotransfer means red-hot atmosfere of the Earth with temporary drying
16. EB geotransfer means temporary huge thick clouds all over the Earth.
17. EB geotransfer means formation new continental folded structures from destroyed floor tiles of oceans.
18. Asteroid impact means rocks falling out of the sky on the surrounded hemisphere.


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