Developmental cyst parietooccipital sulcus

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Developmental cyst parietooccipital sulcus
« on: 11/06/2004 18:51:11 »
Hello there,

I just had an MRI of the brain with and without contrast.  Findings are:  Small well-circumscribed area CSF signal intensity associated with the left parietooccipital sulcus consistent with a developmental cyst.  There is no abnormal signal within the brain parenchyma surrounding this lesion or on the FLAIR images to suggest the presence of gliosis or an associated neoplasm and there is no abnormal associated enhancement.  Therefore, this is most consistent with developmental cyst.  No extraaxial fluid collections or shift of midline structures.  

Sagittal images show a normal corpus callosum, pituitary gland, aqueduct of Sylvius and fourth ventricle.

Oblique coronal high resolution T2 weighted images of the temporal lobes demonstrate symmetric volume and signal intensity of the hippocampal formations.  The temporal horns and transverse are also symmetric in size.  

Questions:  What is a development cyst?  What does this reveal?  



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Re: Developmental cyst parietooccipital sulcus
« Reply #1 on: 13/06/2004 08:49:01 »
A developmental cyst comes from cells that might have been skin cells or other types of cells that don't belong in the brain.  It happens somewhere in the early development of the fetus.  They are non-malignant.  Generally, if they're not causing any problem, they'll just observe.  If it grows and causes pressure on other structures, then it might ahve to be surgically removed.  You have to remember, the skull is a closed space so there's not much room for things to grow in there without causing serious problems.  What led to the MRI in the first place?