Are they pulling my leg?

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Are they pulling my leg?
« Reply #1 on: 03/10/2007 22:12:07 »
WOW thats gross! Give the man back his dried leg .. Yikes  I guuess that may be appropriate diposal somewhere but to me that is odd. I know people keep remains in sealed containers I have my father in law in one until my mother in law passes then we will scatter their remains together over the ocean!

But to keep the limb and dry it out in your front yard???? HUH???

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Are they pulling my leg?
« Reply #2 on: 05/10/2007 23:36:52 »
only in america!

how do you just FORGET you put your leg in the smoker? then even sell it off without remembering???

it`s just not the sort of thing that slips your mind, even if you are busy organising a yard sale.

why didn`t the cops show more interest? what does a funeral home do with a mummified human leg?

there`s more to this than meets the eye.

this story, (like the amputee), does not stand up easily.