body odor- moth balls

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body odor- moth balls
« on: 24/06/2004 05:45:59 »
My husband says I have a body odor that smells like moth balls.  I floss and brush daily and have no dental infections.  I shower and use deoderant daily also.  I have tried using mouthwash and stopped using perfumes but to no avail.  Is it possible that this is a result of medications?  I take Centrum Silver and a potassium tablet but drink a LOT of water every day.  Can you give me any idea of what may be causing this?  It's not my clothes or shoes or feet or shampoo or soap.  My next stop is my physician but I don't want him to think I'm a hypochondriac.


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Re: body odor- moth balls
« Reply #1 on: 24/06/2004 13:31:21 »
Hi Karen....has anybody else noticed this ?..though people might be too polite to mention might be wise to get some friends/family opinions too...I would certainly ask someone else if they can smell it too before seeing a physician..........

Presumably your hubby can only detect this with you eh ?'s not his sense of smell that has changed.

I personally can't see how taking Centrum Silver and potassium could manifest such an aroma but then I'm not sufficiently qualified. It will be very interesting to hear some expert for the water....drink....drink some's all I drink too (apart from a couple of cofees a day)

I wish you luck...I'm sure there are answers out there and some kind considerate medical type person will hopefully answer you shortly......

If everything else least you won't be bothered by any moths but do question your hubbys love if he asks you to stand in the wardrobe where all his suits are [;)]*sorry*

'Men are the same as women...just inside out !'
Men are the same as women, just inside out !