Discuss: Brewing and Alcohol

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Discuss: Brewing and Alcohol
« on: 05/11/2009 10:57:04 »
This week, we're quenching our thirst for knowledge with the science of Beer and Brewing!  We learn about how beer is made, why nitrogen is vital for the perfect pint of Guinness and why professors of brewing think they have the best job in the world.  We also delve into the natural history of beer, to discuss the age old argument, what came first, the beer or the bread?  We look into the future of beer, finding out how the chemistry of carbon dioxide could provide a purer pint.  Also, a spicy way to specifically kill pain, saving slight with plastic corneas, and the hot, smelly sex lives of ancient plants.  Plus, in Kitchen Science, Ben goes for the hard stuff by learning about distillation and the science of scotch. 
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