Can You tell me about Blood Pressure?

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Can You tell me about Blood Pressure?
« on: 10/10/2007 12:47:11 »
I had some trouble with my blood pressure during my stress test yesterday! I did not feel well to begin with this morning had been having low pressure readings all morning before the test and was still low when they began the test.My blood pressure took a dive.. so much lower that they could not get a reading. She slapped on another cuff and squeezed the living daylights out of my arm and still could only after several attempts barely get a reading..They stopped my test and gave me an injection of something,when I woke up, cause I passed out! I think she squeezed the pressure right out of me..LOL..Seriously , when I woke they were monitoring my heart and still had me on the EKG machine with the box strapped to my upper rib cage area. I am not sure what exactly happened but it brings this question to me. Why do they squeeze your arm so badly when the blood pressure drops real low??? It was much more of a very painful squeeze then when they do normally take a blood pressure reading!

Can someone explain why your arm must be squeezed so hard when your blood pressure drops down too low?
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