Oil be dammned !!....I'm crudely synthetic !! (questions about oil)

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Dear JR (who shot ewe?)

Oil is my all time favourite lubricating liquid type oil based thing !

here's some..
This is the real deal...this is crude oil !..(don;t expect courtesy from it !)


Now here's some synthetic oil:


What's the difference between the two ?...do the two oils have completely different applications ?....if so..then I gather synthetic oil is not the solution for an oil free planet ?....is it more expensive to make synthetic oil than to process crude oil ?...what is synthetic oil made from ?

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I think in some instances that synthetic is sometimes more refined and  and a little less goopy and better for lubrication for engines.

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Crude oil is a mixture of all sorts of things, and we refine it to extract the different individual oils we need for different applications.

Synthetic oil is chemically synthesised, either from other oil products, or from non-oil raw materials, such as coal, or carbon monoxide, or methane (from mineral form, or as a biofuel).

Generally, the synthetics will be much purer, that oils extracted naturally (hence it is sometimes used to produce low sulphur diesel).

The real problem with synthetics is that it is not a natural source of energy (i.e. you probably need to put more energy in to make it than you would gain by burning it), whereas crude oil is a natural source of energy, and after a little refinement, will return more energy than was used to extract and refine it.

Thus, while synthetic oil may be valuable in many cases, you would still need a source of energy to replace that obtained from crude (e.g. use nuclear energy or burning coal to synthesise oil, and then use oil as a means of distributing that energy - since coal can be sued both as a fuel and as a raw material for synthesising oil products, this fits together nicely).
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