Fuel cycle

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Fuel cycle
« on: 18/10/2007 21:06:44 »
I have just been reading that Russia uses natural gas to produce fertilizer that is exported to America to grow "corn".
Some of this corn is then converted to Ethanol to run vehicles.
What a strange way to transport energy!


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Fuel cycle
« Reply #1 on: 18/10/2007 21:09:03 »
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Fuel cycle
« Reply #2 on: 18/10/2007 21:21:40 »
America's subsidies of biofuels creates all sorts of anomalies - I am not saying that I have heard of this one before (am not sure which type of fertiliser you are thinking of).

One of the stories I have heard is that US companies are importing biofuels from Malaysia, collecting a US government subsidy to blend it with mineral fuel, and then re-exporting that fuel back to Europe, and undercutting European domestic biofuel producers.