Cracking Joints

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Cracking Joints
« on: 19/10/2007 04:45:23 »
Whenever i twist my ankle or wrist they always make this annoying craking sound, but i feel no pain, someone told me that they could be symptoms of Arthritis but when i read on the web, most sites say if i feel no pain its just fine. Can someone please verify this for me?

Thank you


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Cracking Joints
« Reply #1 on: 19/10/2007 20:08:59 »
It could be arthritis or even osteoporosis, but it could also be pockets of gas popping like the bubble wrap we love to squeeze. Gas collects in joints and the pressure exerted on the joints causes the gas to pop. Your GP can do some checks to see if it is arthritis, but arthritis usually is a kind of grinding crunching noise rather than a cracking noise.

One good pointer is does the cracking noise worsen in damp or humid conditions? If it does then it is leaning more to arthritis.

Chris might be a good person to ask.
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