3d Glasses

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3d Glasses
« on: 19/10/2007 05:50:29 »
How do 3-D glasses with the siple red a blue make movies seem 3-D?



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3d Glasses
« Reply #1 on: 19/10/2007 16:15:23 »
The basis of the system is to project two pictures on the screen at the same time. One picture is mostly red and is what you would see with your left (say) eye, if you were looking at the original scene, and the other is mostly green and is what would be seen with the other eye.
The coloured filters in front of each eye select the appropriate picture for each. Your brain is (always) just itching to make sense out of what the eyes present to it and 'sees' a 3d -or, rather, a stereoscopic image.
I have seen some slightly convincing coloured stereo pictures using the same system but with red and blue.
A much better way to present your eyes with stereo is to have two totally separate images - as in the Viewmaster. (We all have had one for Christmas, in our childhoods)
3D cinema is best presented using two projectors with polarizers and 'crossed polaroid' spectacles as a way of separating the images into each eye. That way, you get full colour and a very impressive stereo effect.
btw, have you ever noticed the super- stereoscopic -type effect when looking through big binoculars? The objective lenses are  much further apart than your eyes and exaggerate the effect of depth.