How does the heart form a new pacemaker when the sino-atrial node is damaged?

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If SA node is experimentally destroyed or stop generating impulses due to disease then the pacemaker appears in some other region of the atria especially at the junction of atria with the AV node. I want more explaination on how a different pacemaker is formed.
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 A hydraulic pacemaker from pulses of solutes released down the main artery from respiratory exhaling of solute free water from a fluid on the lung surface that contains solutes?

This would give us a pulsed regulation relating to each exhaled breath. Oddly enough, when the body is at an angle of five degrees to the horizontal head higher than feet or head up, respiration rate and heart rate alter by decreasing 10-12 beats per minute and 4-5 breaths per minute respectively compared to horizontal rest. How does the curent literature account for this modified regulation of the heart and lungs? The same occurs in dogs rsting inclined and horizontal by exactly the same margin.
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