A Dangerous and Twisted Notion of Natural Selection by Social-Darwinists / Nazis

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I notice recently that there is a frightening new trend in some young people who are adopting  twisted Social-Darwinist ideas or even Nazism.

Actually, it is even more distorted and sinister than the former Social-Darwinism and mixes with a warped Nietzscherian phylosophy . They got this distorted notion that “Natural Selection” is about going on rampage killing people based on some ill personal criteria or at random because they consider themselves “superior” to the majority and hate them.

However these people have no real knowledge about the modern Neo-Darwinian Theory of Evolution or how natural selection really works.

Recently, a young man from Finland went to his school with a gun and killed five boys, two girls and the headmaster.

I just found an interesting video in the YouTube that makes a sharp criticism on this new dangerous ideological trend.

It is called “A lesson of Natural Selection to Social-Darwinists and Nazis”:




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Could it not be that they just need a tag, name or group to belong to, to justify their actions?


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No, hate needs no name. It is unfortunately stems from feeling inferior. It is only the weak who are cruel. Only the strong can love. It takes guts to be a lover. It really, really does.

I stole that thought form someone I read but it is true if you think about it. Opening ones self to the rejection that may come at any stage in a loving relationship is a walk in strength. Being that vulnerable is a tough thing to do.
The mind is like a parachute. It works best when open.  -- A. Einstein