There's a 23000 year cycle to the earths Orbit around the Sun !!..why ?

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Dear Orbit Orators,

How are you ?...I'm Ok !..thanks for asking !!

I heard recently that there is a twenty three thousand cycle to the Earths Orbit around the Sun !!

Here it is !


What is the nature of this cycle ?..what happens to the Earth ?

Should I be worried ?...cos I am !

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It is an orbital variation from more circular to more elliptical. It affects climate, and a lot 9of other things I am not aware of, I am sure. We are in a "more circular" phase right now. It is contributing to the warming of the climate.

Please - someone else tell me the other things this effects.
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Are you talking about orbit variations ot rhe precession of the eart's axis?  All these variationa are caused by the presence of the moon and other planets in the solar system.  All planetary systems are at best metastable and will over many billions of years disrupt themselves.
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You can consider it this way; every pair of objects in space is in orbit around each other. We are, of course, dominated by out solar orbit but all the others contribute a little bit to where we are. The fact that the  Moon is in orbit around the Sun and the Earth is a bit more obvious. Also, the orbit of Pluto around Neptune puts it inside and outside Neptune's solar orbit.


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I thought that there is a 23,000 year nutation cycle, a wobble so to speak, in the Earth's rotation. This would affect local climates.