What is the best type of shark to keep if you have an outdoor swimming pool?

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just in case it matters, the pool is heated.


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just in case it matters, the pool is heated.



Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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You need a POOL shark!!!




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New York Fats changed his name to Minnesota Fats after the 1961 release of The Hustler starring Paul Newman. Wanderone had never been to Minnesota, and Walter Tevis, the author, himself denied that the movie was based on this character, though that is now essentially accepted by the pop culture lexicon. Minnesota became well-known to television audiences after a series of matches with Willie Mosconi were broadcast by ABC Sports (and re-run several times over the years).

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A great white obviously.


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You'll want, naturally,  the very best

the easiest to maintain

the fastest

and of course

the very meanest




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You could try a cat shark or dogfish.


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You could probably make a lot of people happy by keeping "loan sharks" in a swimming pool- preferably with large carnivorous sharks.
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