Australian Federal Elections November 24th Ethics, Economy, Defence... Vote 1?

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The Australian Federal elections are just around the corner. So who will Australia vote for and why?

John Howard, Peter Costello, Kevin Rudd, Unionists...

Labour economically has shown poor policies until now when Rudd chose conservatism, conserving the Liberal/National policy. This effects defence spending, wages, interest rates, hospitals, education, transport, trade...

In the past I liked Labour education policy, free for matriculators...

Medicare is very good and the welfare system. The Liberal Nationals have preserved this, yet now begin some changes. Yet with a record of sound management. I still prefer public healthcare and ABC TV.

The Liberal Nationals have been gaining big surpluses, but not spending, until just now, and pressure from Labour promises has meant Liberal promises too. 1100 new educational institutions to open. Labour doesn't promise this.

I dislike the Australian involvement in Iraq. Unethical action.

Labour isn't clear on that but suggests they are not for it.

Labour however has been bodging defence policy before. And would go into debt on defence spending rather than surplus spending. That is spend through borrowing. Not fine strategy either. The Collins class submarines.

I want to vote in the Christian Democrats Party, and Family First, then choose either Liberal/Nationals or Labour, strongly avoiding the unethical and immoral, principleless Democrats and Greens.

Peter Costello is unpopular, why?

John Howard and the senators have been highly intelligent in policy and debate, a bit out of touch and unkind, but nationalistic. Good but imperfect.

Labour has finally made a good move. If they get in power I hope they are capable. Probably needing a lot of bipartisan work.

The Greens are useless and wants nonsensible things, anti faith and immoral... Also the Democrats are like that and I regret voting for them. They only disagree and make no proper stand for ethics...

Australia needs antagonism in the senate... but the Democrats don't push well.

For example the needed better spending of the surplus and the bodge of the Royal Australian Air Force buys, weakening us regionally with Indonesia... They have Sukoi 2s. Twice as good, half the cost...

But the Liberal nationals have been fixing Labours bodged submarine policy. At least we can aford our mistakes and now put in the pressure for more and better spending.

Will Labour simply up taxes like the GST to 15% or keep it down, and maybe go into debt?

Why do we need broadband better than now?

What's wrong with nuclear power plants? Labour opposes the latter two? Wr are rich in ore. It is clean energy. God for our cities and hospitals. Why are the windmills so favoured by Labour?

We face serious issues like defence in a turbulent world, terrorism, plague, overpopulation, immigration, crime, education problems, unethical medicine, sexual immorality, drugs, high divorce rates, fewer children, and aging baby boomer generation, unemployment, whose policies are best, economically and morally, strategically.

I appreciate the work available and the economy now, but many are unhappy with the Liberals laws regarding employment. Labour pressure comes in.

Who will win?

I don't know, but I want two christian voices in parliment. The CDP and Family First.

Any suggestions or comments, other knowledge? I need info...
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Do you think it will make much of a difference who wins?
Why do you want two Christian voices in Parliament? What will they bring except their religion?


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So you want a government that will impose its religion on the entire (increasingly secular) country? We don't need religious fundamentalism to increase in power in Australia. May I remind you that religious belief is the cause of most terrorism in the past several decades?

If you want morality, Christianity is most definitely not the place to look. Open up the Bible to any page and you will probably find references to immoral atrocities condoned by "God". You do not need to believe in an almost certainly non-existent supernatural creator, to be moral.

The more control religion has in Parliament, the less power Science, Education and Health will have, as demonstrated by the Bush government. An anti-scientific leadership is the last thing a world dependent on science, needs.
"No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous than the fact which it endeavors to establish." -David Hume


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As I write I am listening to Heart FM a listener supported radio station in Sydney.

Many are joining churches. Church is adapting to business. There is expansion. People becoming secular is not good for them. It is a literally impossible trend, we are hard wired to have faith and homosapiens.

Catholics and Evangelicals do no officially teach terrorism, nor is it popular with us.

Tony Blair and G W Bush are religious but not religious leaders. And are motivated by worldly values. Sovereignty and oil...

Family First, won't impose, I think they are reasonable. And the CDP.

Besides,it's not imposition but democratic, most by far Austalians have some faith. They are not less but the wiser I am sure for considering God does exist.

Look in the Bible you say. That is where western morals and love concepts and justice come from. If you study law you study the OT.

Putting the family first, it's anthropocentric.

I find the apparent contradictions of divinely revealed justice and love, can be explained.

Dawkins to me is a new age Karl Marx, refering to Moses allowing the men and women to be killed in a rebelious Canaanite tribe exept for young girls. No they were not raped... If just one Israeli stole a tithe the whole army failed. He was put to death. Overly strict, because of the lack of grace in those times.

Old Europe, and England was quite tough too. What makes us nicer now?

Perhaps the value of the conscience helped and the sense of justice. And christian morals. Love of life not just feelings.

Look at William Wilberforce. As portrayed in Amazing Grace the movie some months back. He succeeded at a move which ended the slave trade. Amazing Grace was a song written by a former slave trader, changed by loving Jesus. He influenced Wilbur as a contemporary, older reverend to him.

Today politicians are still trying to end the slave trade. Now is Russian and other FSU girls...

Karl Marx humanistic philosophy shows the danger of getting away from the Bible.

CDP's Fred Nile drew upon science to debate against Sydney using a sewage refiner to source drinking water as in Singapore. We often argue with scientist that there are excellent christian scientific thinkers.

To be without religion you have to get rid of the people. To be spiritual can be truly excellent. Christian history is not so faithful to Jesus.  =Reports on Family First.

Where do you source your morals, and define morals?

The Democrats and Greens have a very poor moral record. Allowing and endorsing abortion, IVF for same sex couples, weak on supporting marriage. They don't oppose the decriminalization of illegal drugs...

Life, that is this and the next generation, to be concieved, and love and friendship and marriage, and trust and honour and the specialness of character and inner space of people, the seed, ego and esteem and social justice... are central christian and family values. Some parties don't support this as much as the love of money, pleasure and greed and lust and worldly security...

Life and friendship for me... What about you?

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