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Podcasts recommendations
« on: 17/11/2007 20:56:43 »
Hi all,
At the risk of being accused of blasphemy, I want to ask, what other podcasts out there would you recommend to someone who really really enjoys TNS but needs to fill much more time than a hour a week?

I've been searching for good podcasts for a while but since you have to listen to at least one show before making up your mind, the search takes too much time and effort...

So, what else do you listen to?


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Podcasts recommendations
« Reply #1 on: 18/11/2007 01:36:17 »
You could check out the ones done by the journal Nature (although much better when Chris did it!) and Science Magazine (AAAS).

Apart from that...you could always just listen to the Naked Scientists over again!! ;)