Where Do Chicks Wee Wee , Poo Poo & WindyPops Go Inside An Egg ?

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Dear All,

Hope you're all well.....my ear's still not good...Popping all the time now !!

Anyway....see these eggs ?


Nice eh ?...lets whip up an omelette eh ?...Eggs are my all time favourite oval shaped reproductive thing that comes out of a chicken !

But whilst it's busy being an egg with a chick chick inside...how does it deal with the chicks waste ?..how come it does not contaminate itself ?....and does the chick not produce wind ?

Hmmmmmmmmm...spanish omelette is my favourite !!.......fried egg sandwich is nice too.....
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Check out this site. It tells:
Growth of the Embryo: The fertilized blastodisc (now called the blastoderm) grows and becomes the embryo. As the embryo grows, its primary food source is the yolk. Waste products (like urea) collect in a sack called the allantois. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas occurs through the eggshell; the chorion lines the inside surface of the egg and is connected to the blood vessels of the embryo.

Which brings us to