Gamma Ray Bursts !

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Gamma Ray Bursts !
« on: 27/11/2007 14:18:41 »
Dearest Alpha, Beta GAMMA experts,

With my preoccupation of late for worrying about the the end of the Universe I stumbled across this phenomena called a Gamma Ray Burst !


Nice isn't it ?...notice how enigmatic and non user friendly to our health it is ?

Now these are big !!...even bigger than the explosion of wifeys attempt to boil an egg in the microwave..and that is BIG !!.........they put out more energy in a few seconds than our Sun will do in it's entire 10 Billion year in the vicinity of one of these mega explosions can really ruin your day. They are the biggest explosions in the Universe save the Big Bang itself.....

So....whilst I'm here biting my nails can someone explain WHAT they are ?...and how they manage to put out so much energy in such a short space of time.

I know I'm short tempered but not THAT short tempered !!

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Gamma Ray Bursts !
« Reply #1 on: 27/11/2007 17:57:51 »
The current theory is that they may be the rather large black hole collapses that created the quasars (QV) which we see shining in the early universe.  As they collapse there is an enormous expulsion of energy from the poles of the rotating object as it collapses that produces the gamma ray burst. If this happens to be pointing towards us we get a significant dose of energy.

All objects that are subject to gravitational collapse eject material from their poles as a way of getting rid of excess angular momentum.
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