Is there a seasonal change to metabolism ?

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Is there a seasonal change to metabolism ?
« on: 13/12/2007 22:20:03 »
Dear Metabolicologists ,

See these seasons ?


Nice eh ? Seasons are my all time favourite changing time of year things !!

Will I put on weight any quicker/slower if I eat one of these during a different time of year ?

A thing of beauty !

In other words, is there any seasonality to the human metabolic rate ?

Ewe're all invited round for burger joy and luff !!

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Is there a seasonal change to metabolism ?
« Reply #1 on: 13/12/2007 22:27:47 »
Thats a good question. I would think yes that the winter ones metabolism

may slow down with the cold  and having to be indoors more often. I think

in the spring it should increase and be going well into the summer . we

become more active and eat and burn our calories more with the increased

activity and better weather. In general that is.

I am more inclined to put weight on in the cold winter and take it off in

the spring and summer. So my uneducated guess would be yes!

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