Hip fracture

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Hip fracture
« on: 28/07/2004 10:10:43 »
I am doing some research on hip fracture. I got case study:

Female. 46years old. 7years in menopause.

Dg. Fractura Colli Femoris l. sin. - Garden 2 or 3

Fracture occured in proximal 1/3 of femoral neck, close to head of femur. Fractured fragment is slightly rotated. Initial therapy: traction.
5 weeks later, consilium concluded that there was vitium artis.

I should consider this case study and recommend threatmant. A little bit too much for 4th year med student.

Should I consider complete arthroplasty without cement? I red something about using tendines from abductor muscles to ameliorate healing process. I belive it is called Gides procedure. (sorry if I mis-spelt). 3rd option is traction at night and physical therapy with walking using crutches during day.

btw. English is not my native language. Sorry for bad grammer and spelling.


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Re: Hip fracture
« Reply #1 on: 31/07/2004 16:53:01 »
She needs some endocrine workup.  39 is awfully young to go through menopause.  Probably has significant osteoarthritis if she is 7 years into menopause without hormone replacement.
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