What are biorhythms?

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What are biorhythms?
« on: 30/07/2004 10:48:08 »
has anybody out there heard of a theory called (i think) the standing wave front theory? from memory it goes along the lines of -

all nerves require a small amount of electricity to jump the synapitic gap and to trigger them. so when you respond to stimuli there is a small magnetic force generated. this is how we can make pictures of the brain, magnetic resonance immaging (???).

the idea is that all of these magnetic forces generate a wave front that we can (if we could calcultate it) plot mathematically, like a circuit board.  we constantly interpret reality through this wave front and it changes in response to stimuli. if two people are born with the same organic base, ie identical twins, then the maths for them would start out the same and there would also be a similarity in their magnetic resonances??? sorry getting very confused here.

so the idea in the end is that if you have a similar magnetic thingy then you could read each others minds, or at least affect each others minds??? you can take it further, in theory you could 'push' this 'energy' like in martial arts, to use it as a weapon, or for healing as in reiki. people would see it as aura and possibly it would leave an after image - ghosts etc. also has anybody heard of kirilian photography (dont know how it is spelt)?

so am i tripping out? is there any sense in what i have just said?[:o)]

yes, but.........
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Re: What are biorhythms?
« Reply #1 on: 18/06/2008 19:40:16 »
Microsoft have applied for patent for a device to read minds via EEG...

Plumbing your brain into the Internet cannot be far away  [:0]

Oh Jai, (if you're still waiting for a reply after 4 years), you may also be referring to biorhythms ...
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