Stink Bombs !!..What Are They All About ?

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Stink Bombs !!..What Are They All About ?
« on: 24/12/2007 19:04:17 »
LOL !!

I remember as a kid ( last week !)...letting off one of these in a park !!...LOL !!..oh..those were the days see all those people covering their faces and pulling faces !!....boy....was it rank !!!...*le sigh*....such a misspent youth !!

So, here are the offending items:


Nice eh ?...notice how non volatile and innocent they look ?

So, what's in them ?...why are soooooooo potent ?

Can I make home made ones ?...(I have tried to catch my windy pops but I can't resist inhaling the goodness before attempting to empty the handy guff into a bag )

Whajastink ?

Hugs and shmishes


mwah mwah mwah !!

Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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...And its claws are as big as cups, and for some reason it's got a tremendous fear of stamps! And Mrs Doyle was telling me it's got magnets on its tail, so if you're made out of metal it can attach itself to you! And instead of a mouth it's got four arses!