Salt and sugar as preservatives /conservatives ?

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Salt and sugar as preservatives /conservatives ?
« on: 27/12/2007 15:30:02 »
Dear Sirs/Madams/in-betweeners,

Here is some salt:


Nice eh ?...don;t ewe just want to rub it into some thinly sliced pork and make some Prosciutto ?

and here's some sugar:
one lump or two ?


Which of the two preserves/conserves the best ?...and how do they do it ? they do it the same way ?

....doesn't bacteria luff sugar ? how does le sucre preserve/conserve as it does ?


Hugs & Shmishes



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Salt and sugar as preservatives /conservatives ?
« Reply #1 on: 27/12/2007 18:42:56 »
Bacteria love sugar the same way you do - give them a little, and they are happy, but give them a lot, and their metabolism gets upset.

Both salt and sugar are also hygroscopic, so they soak up the water that bacteria need to survive.