If I can't see food...will it taste less ?

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If I can't see food...will it taste less ?
« on: 28/12/2007 16:09:38 »
Dear Food experts !

Food is great....food is my all time favourite way of obtaining nourishment and replenishing my energy reserves .

Here's some:


Nice eh ?...good old food....we luff ya !!

Not really sure if this is the right forum but I felt it deals with human perception so..I was wondering...

..If I can't see my food...would it taste any less ?......after all I can't taste with my eyes.....or can I ?

whajafink ?



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If I can't see food...will it taste less ?
« Reply #1 on: 28/12/2007 16:42:50 »
I think it varies from person to person.

The extreme cases are synęsthesia, but I tend to worry very little about what food looks like, but for many others it is very different.

I remember very many years ago a TV program (I think it was Connections, hosted by James Burke), where the audience were fed a dark brown cake, and almost all of the audience were convinced it was chocolate cake, and only one audience member correctly identified it was vanilla cake with brown food colouring.


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If I can't see food...will it taste less ?
« Reply #2 on: 29/12/2007 23:27:11 »
I was taught that, the amylase in your saliva was something that made you taste food?


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If I can't see food...will it taste less ?
« Reply #3 on: 30/12/2007 00:25:37 »
I have also been told by a friend as a teenager that when she lost her sight that her other senses became quite a bit more acute over time and she began relying on other senses to tell her about what was around her. She said her sense of taste at first was off but as she went along after a few months, her sense of taste became quite adept and very much more sensitive.. Now I don't know if that is true of just her, but that is what she told me...She said some flavors seemed stronger and she was able to better identify what she was eating by taste, touch, smell etc.

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