Can diet influence Cataracts?

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Can diet influence Cataracts?
« on: 05/01/2008 03:32:42 »
Having just returned from the optometrist who told me I have a cataract developing in one eye, the cause for which unusual situation is not clear (if you will pardon the expression), I am curious about one peculiar aspect of the problem: It has appeared to me that my vision varied significantly from time, being the worst after having eaten significant amounts of dairy products for several days in a row, and being the best after having not eaten these but having eaten chicken for 1 or possibly several days in a row. I mentioned it to the optometrist but she was not helpful in the matter. I am a bit suspicious that other foods also have short term effects as follows: grains: perhaps slight improvement or no effect. Legumes: perhaps slight deterioration. 

Has anyone had a similar experience or know of any published sources regarding this subject?

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